Taking Amy's little sister Tina

Like I have told earlier Janet , Amy and Tina's mother, had the girls at a really young age. She got pregnant with Amy when she was 13 and had her before her 14th birthday. Then against her parents, she got back with the same boy who was 18 and got pregnant again. She had Tina by her 15th birthday. Of course, as soon as the boy found out she was pregnant again, he disappeared just like he did before. So her parents picked up and moved to the same town where I lived and Janet finished school and was rasing her daughters with her parents help. Now too get back to the story of Tina.
Even though Tina was younger she had a little fuller body than Amy. What I mean is more shapely. She had larger titis and rounder butt. Amy was slimmer built. No complaints though.. I just couldnt get over the way Tina would do her sister. If Amy went to the bathroom, Tina would be all over me trying to get me to do something. She even took my hand and put it on her tits, or she would get my hand and rub it between her legs. I'm sure you have guessed I didnt resist much. There were times she would wear a dress and when Amy would have her back to us she would open her legs and show herself too me. When Tina did these things and finally left Amy and I alone. Amy paid the price. Not that she minded that much.
Janet had been getting a little worried about the fact that both girls were hanging around me so much. She even approached me one time and ask me if any thing was going on that she should know about. I just acted dumb and ask her what she was talking about and she dropped the subject pretty quick.
One Saturday I was working on the yards of the rental property that was close to our house, (that was one of my jobs in the summer) Tina came out of their house and brought me a glass of lemonade, so I stopped and talked to her for a minute. I ask her where Amy was and she said her mother and Amy had gone to town to get groceries and get Amy some new clothes and she didnt want to go with them. I drank the lemonade and told her thank you and started to get back to work when she ask me why didnt I come in and cool off a little. It was really hot so I told her ok. I really didnt have anything else in mind. At least I dont think I did. Maybe way back in the back of my mind.
Anyway I went into the house and Tina handed me a cool wet wash cloth and it did feel good and I wiped the sweat off my body. Of course I was working out there in just a pair of shorts. I'm really not sure, but I believe that Tina had on her pj top and a pair of shorts when she brought me the lemonade outside, but when she brought me the wash cloth from the bathroom all I could see was the pj top. She moved over to the couch and sat down and patted the area next too her and as I started walking towards her she opened her legs to reveal she did not have any shorts or panties on. I told her I had better go befoe we got into trouble. When I started to turn she stood up and pulled her top off revealing she was totally naked. She ask, Still want to leave?
I tried to tell her I cared too much for Amy but damn, she looked good and she was telling me she would not tell Amy. Then she told me she wasnt a virgin, that she had done it with Thomas a couple of times, but he didnt last put a minute or so and it was over. She said she had watched Amy and me and she wanted to see what it was like for her She finally said her and Thomas had done it more than a couple of times, but sometimes he would cum before he got it in her, then other times he would stick it in and after 2 or 3 strokes he would cum.
All that talk had me horny, and her standing there naked, what can I say, I'm a guy. Hell I went for it. I told her if she messed it up with Amy and me I would kill her. A lie of course, but what the heck. I have to admit, after looking at her closely, she was hot. I moved over to her and took her in my arms and kissed her as I lay her back on the couch. I started working my way from her mouth to her ears and back and then slowly down her neck and the too her nipples. She was already breathing hard by the time I got through working my my back and forth on her nipples and sucking her tits. When I moved on down her belly, I felt her quivering with excitement and I worked my way down. I didnt go straight for the clit with my tongue, I moved on down her thighs and started kissing the insides, moving from side to side easing my way back to home base. As I got closer she was already squirming around on the couch, her ass was keeping rythym with her pleasure, and as I got close I inserted a finger into her pussy and I thought she was going to come off the couch completely. I worked my finger in and out of her as I slid my tongue up to her slit and moved on up to her clit. As I started to suck and lick on her clit she came undone with a full orgasm. I thought for a moment she was going to crush my head. She was shaking and crying and moaning and I wasnt sure exactly what was going on. I just hoped it was all good. Fianlly Tina settled down and said, oh my God, so thats what its all about. i want you to do that too me again.
My face was wet with her juices and there was a wet spot on the couch, but at that point I didnt care. I told her its my time now and I couldnt wait to get in that pussy. I moved slowly up too her as she looked on waiting, I moved the tip of my dick up and down her slit , rubbing her tender clit. As I rubbed her clit with my dick she started breathing littled harder and as I would move it too her slit and back up she would catch her breath, finally I couldnt take it any longer, I slowly slid into her and too my suprise I felt a smaller tight barrier and when I hit it she jerked and said it hurt. I said I thought you were not a virgin, She said she wasnt. I told her there was still a barrier there. She said maybe it was because my dick was a bigger than Thomas. I pulled back and pushed in hard all at once and when I did she bit her lip and then said she was ok. It stung a little but she was ok.
I slowly started fucking her and gradually she built back up to another orgasm. When she exploded this time so did I and I dumped a full load of cum inside her. I just kept on fucking her until finally my dick started to go down some. As I lay there on top of her, she told me she loved me too, and that Amy was just going to have to move over. She moved a little and her movement must of stirred me because I became fully hard again. I though Amy's pussy was tight, but even though Tina had a fuller body, she had a tighter pussy. Of course I have been fucking Amy since she was thirteen and she is now fourteen. Tina is thirteen now. I know I'm no good. I'm 17 at this time and about to graduated high school and go off to college. Too get back to Tina, I have this raging hard on and I am still inside her and I still have not thought abut the fact I just came inside this girls pussy without any protection on. So here we go into the full throws of fucking agian. By this time I have moved her to doggy style and she is on her knees on the couch and I am behind her fucking her hard, she is cumming and I and cumming and all of a sudden the door opens and I hear this scream. It is Janet and Amy. I guess we lost track of time. and now all hell's breaking loose.
I think Janet called me every name in the book while I was trying to get my shorts on and Amy was just looking at me with tears in her eyes. I felt like scum of the earth at that time. Janet finally settled down and ask Tina and me how long had we been doing this and we told her it was the first time. Then she turned to Amy and ask her if she had fucked me too. Amy dropped her head and shook her head yes. Then Janet said, this is just fucking great. I havent had a date and havent had sex since I found out I was pregnant with Tina and both my girls are fucking like minks.. Then she saw some cum drip out of Tina and she went into a rage again because I had fucked her and cum inside her without protection. I will let your father know about this, because if she is pregnant, you will be responsible for the baby, not like the bastard that left me high and dry. Then she told me to just get out and stay out and stay away from her girls.
The girls got togehter and finally made peice with each other and then they slipped over to my house and let me know that they had decided they could share. So I thought, Ok both at once, but no, they did not want to see the other one fucking me. I ask what difference it made if they knew what was going on anyway. Finally after awhile they agreed and it was great. Both at the same time. A dream come true. It hasnt happened since then. I dont know how some guys can handle 3 or 4, two was enough for me. It was hard getting together without Janet knowing about it. My Dad was cool though, he knew it was still going on and was ok, Of course Mom didnt know. Janet kept on raising hell for a couple of weeks, and my dad just kept telling me to be very careful with what I was doing.
After about a month, while I was working on the yard again, Janet came out and called me in. She said she wanted to talk to me. I agreed and went in. This is another story though.