The Evacuee Chapter 8

Caroline wasn’t really posh – she just sounded that way.
She had been brought up by her well-off parents in London and went to a private school in the city. When she was young, her parents were away on business quite a lot and she was often left to her own devices in a large house in London. She had no brothers or sisters so used to invent her own games and it wasn’t until she was 13 that she discovered anything about sex. Her mum had given her a vague idea but left her none the wiser really and the kids at school made up all sorts of stories which none of them truly believed.
However on the night of her birthday, after a party at their flat in London, her parents announced that they were “moving to the country” although in fact what was happening was that her dad was doing something exciting at the war office and he wanted Mum and her out of the way in the country. Although London hadn’t been bombed yet, he was sure it was only a matter of time and he had arranged for her and Mum to go and live with Mum’s sister Aunty Helen and Uncle Tom in the New Forest, in Hampshire
Uncle Tom and Aunt Helen were very rich, and as well as a flat in Southampton they had a lovely cottage in the New Forest that Caroline remembered visiting a few years back. Uncle Tom was away and her father thought Rose and Caroline would be good company for Aunty Helen in the old place. She was very excited about this as Aunty Helen’s cottage had a huge overgrown garden with a lake very close by, and even a small swimming pool. She had been there for holidays and had got on well with her older cousin, David.
Apparently the cottage had once been a lodge, part of a much bigger estate, and when the original Lord and Lady of the manor left, the estate was split up and Uncle Tom and Aunty Helen had bought the cottage it soon after they got married. The military had requisitioned the house itself shortly after war broke out, but they hardly ever made their presence felt.
Caroline had heard that David had been evacuated from Southampton to a village in Dorset because his Mum and Dad had been involved in something “hush hush” in the war, but now Aunty Helen had been told to stay in the country whilst Uncle Tom went somewhere else. (Many years after the war, Caroline discovered that they had both been involved in the SOE – Special Operation Executive – and she was very proud.)
This meant that David was now moving up to the cottage as well so it was a few weeks later in September that Caroline found herself living in what would now be termed a “chocolate box” cottage in the middle of a forest. David was already there and the pair of them were often left to their own devices. As a 15 year old he seemed very exciting to her and she had to confess to having a bit of a crush on him.
After a few days getting to know each other, they were very relaxed in each other’s company and one sunny morning David suggested they go swimming in the lake. They had swum in the pool few times and she had noticed David glancing at her in an odd way. Even though she was only 13, she was pleased that she was already starting to grow breasts and, with all the sun and swimming, was getting quite a tan. She did looked rather good in her pale blue swimsuit.
She thought David looked rather good too. He was a bit taller than her, had a lovely tan and quite a firm body. She had noticed the occasional twitch and bulge in his shorts but didn’t really have any idea as to what this was.
She was excited at the thought of swimming “in the wild” which she hadn’t done before, and David led her through the forest to a large lake surrounded by trees. He quickly took off his shirt and jumped into the water, splashing about and swimming a few strokes to show it was quite safe. She already had her swimsuit on under her blouse and shorts so she stripped off and carefully waded in.
The water had been heated by the sun and was fantastic! They splashed about as they usually did and after half an hour they waded back to shore to dry off. They both towelled ourselves down and then lay the towels next to each other to dry off properly in the sun.
David gazed up at the late summer sky. He had been here a week now and was getting used to his new surroundings, although he missed the company of the girls at night. He had his own room in the cottage and hadn’t yet plucked up the courage to approach Caroline. Although she was a couple of years younger than him she was starting to develop very nicely and he hoped that by bringing her down to the lake he might be able to become more than just a cousin to her.
He swallowed hard.
“You know we can’t be seen here don’t you?” David turned to look at her as she lay on her back. She wasn’t sure what he meant and gave David a puzzled look as he grinned down at her. Then, to her astonishment, he quickly stood up, glanced around and then slipped his shorts down! She gazed at him in amazement. This was the first time she had seen a boy naked and she could not help but stare at what was hanging between his legs! Caroline had a vague idea of what a penis was but this was the first time she had seen one. It was a lot bigger than she had expected! David followed her gaze.
“Do you like it? It’s rather nice isn’t it?” He said smugly. She wasn’t sure what to say so just nodded. “You’ve not seen one before have you?” David seemed to suddenly realise this and smiled. This time she shook her head.
“I’m afraid not.” Caroline replied, trying to sound more confident than she felt.
“I don’t mind you’re looking at it, you know.” said David matter-of-factly and he then lay down on the towel next to Caroline. “It feels really nice with the sun on it. Much better than wearing shorts or a swimsuit.” He turned to her with a meaningful look on his face.

Was his young cousin really as innocent as she appeared? He tried again.
“Like I say…no one can see us here.” Caroline suddenly realized he was hoping she would take her swimsuit off!
She read nothing into his comment other than the fact that she would be more comfortable without her swimming costume so she quickly sat up, reached behind her and unhooked her top, rolling it down her chest to her waist. She glanced at David who was staring quite blatantly at her breasts and she hoped he didn’t think they were too small. Whilst she was in the mood she quickly carried on and rolled her swimsuit down, pulling it off over her feet and dropping it by her side.
She had noticed that David had quite a bit of hair around his penis and she gazed down disappointedly at the bald patch between her legs.
“You’re lovely!” David said in a strange voice. She looked at him and saw his face had gone bright red and he was licking his lips.
“Do you think so?” David nodded as his eyes ran up and down her body. “You don’t think my breasts are too small?”
“I think they’re just fine. There’ll get bigger as you get older I’m sure. But they’re just fine at the moment.” He stared at them for a few seconds and then swallowed hard and said,
“Can I touch them?” She was surprised at this request but not unduly concerned. She had no idea why he would want to do this but was quite happy for him to touch them and she said so. His eyes widened and then he reached forward and with his left hand gently cupped her right breast. His touch was soft and his fingers gently squeezed the flesh. She had to admit it felt rather nice.
Caroline had often touched her breasts herself and knew that the feeling was nice but it was even better with another boy doing it. Then he started to rub his fingers over her nipple, which got very hard as it always did and this seemed to excite him even more. She could hear him breathing heavily and he moved his hand to the other breast, until soon he was rubbing his hand over both breasts and seeming to get even more excited.
Meantime she was starting to feel a bit odd herself. This was far nicer than when she had played with them herself and suddenly she felt a little tingle in her groin. This sometimes happened when she played with her breasts and she would have to rub her groin for a bit, which also felt nice but seemed to calm her down. So without thinking she reached down and quickly rubbed between her legs which seemed to shock David.
“Do you do that then? Do you play with yourself?” He seemed very excited and she looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face.
“What do you mean?” His expression changed and he looked uncertain. Her fingers had now stopped their rubbing.
“I mean do you play with yourself and make yourself come?” He stared at her, his face going bright red.
“What you mean? What’s come?” she had no idea what he was talking about and he licked his lips again.
“When girls rub themselves between their legs they have a really nice feeling and it’s called coming. It’s called an orgasm.” He seemed to be confident of his facts
This was all a complete mystery to Caroline…she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. He saw the puzzled expression on her face and then said,
“Shall I do it for you? I’ve done it before to a girl.” She was now intrigued as to this nice feeling he was talking about so nodded dumbly. He told her to lie back on the towel and spread her legs a little and he knelt up and gazed down between them. He reached out and carefully stroked the soft pad of skin between her legs. She jerked as his fingers touched me. Again someone else’s fingers were much better than doing it herself!
He pressed his fingers down and started to move them round in a circle. She could not believe what was happening! The feeling was fantastic and she closed her eyes as everything around her seemed to spin. He was right – this was a fantastic feeling! As he carried on with his fingers the feeling seemed to get better and better until suddenly everything happened at once.
She felt a sort of whooshing feeling going through her whole body and an incredible explosion seemed to happen between her legs. She couldn’t help but jerk by hips up as David pressed his fingers between her legs and she cried out as the most amazing feeling ever swept through her. It seemed to last for several seconds and then, almost as soon as it had come, it faded away and she slumped back on to the towel.
It took her a few seconds to sort herself out and she opened her eyes to gaze at David who was looking at her with a big grin on his face.
“Was that nice?”
“Crikey that was brilliant!” she gasped.
“That was what they call an orgasm.” David informed her and she grinned back at him.
“I’m going to have to try that myself tonight!” David laughed. She was suddenly conscious of feeling a bit wet between her legs and slipping her finger between them she was surprised how wet she was. She had sometimes woken up in the middle of the night feeling a bit damp between her legs but never as wet as this. David seems to notice her concern.
“Don’t worry that’s quite normal. That happens to all girls.” David seemed very sure of his facts once again. He then lay back on the towel and glancing across she noticed his penis had suddenly grown. If it was now really stiff and poking up in the air – it must have been nearly 8 inches long!
“Good isn’t it?” said David noticing her expression. He reached down and curled his fingers around his penis. There was still quite a bit sticking out and then to her surprise he started to slide his hand up and down. He turned to look at Caroline.
“This is what boys do to play with themselves.” She watched in curious fascination and then wondered if he wanted her to do it for him, as he had played with her. Without asking she reached her hand out and David let go of his penis and then taking her hand wrapped it round his shaft. It felt hot to the touch and very hard.
“Like this…” he muttered and taking her hand he showed her how to grip his penis and slide the skin up and down the shaft. She turned on to her side to make it easier to reach and David lay back as she carefully slid the skin up and down his penis.
“Is that alright?” she asked looking down at him. His eyes were closed and he nodded.
“That’s great…” he croaked and then suddenly he let out a grunt. He jerked his body up and to Caroline’s astonishment a small spurt of juice came out of the end of this penis. She thought she had better keep going so she carried on as best she could whilst several more spurts came out and some actually went on to her hand! After a few seconds David stopped and then she took her hand away. She casually wiped her hand in the grass to get rid of the juice and noticed there was a large pool on David’s tummy.
“Does that always happen?” she asked.
“Every time.” David replied. “That’s the stuff that makes babies.” she looked at him in astonishment.
“Do you know about making babies then?” David looked up at her surprise.
“Don’t you know then?” she shook her head, embarrassed.
“I’m only 13.” she muttered. David turned on to his side until he was facing her.
“Would you like me to tell you then?”
“Yes please!” she tried not to sound too eager but she was dying to know.
“Well…this, as you know, is called a penis.” He pointed down at his groin. “It’s also called a dick, prick or cock. I call mine a cock.”
“Cock.” Caroline repeated gazing at it.
“That’s it. Now what you’ve got down there” said David pointing between her legs “is a vagina. It’s also called a pussy or a cunt. Cunt is a bit rude so most girls call it a pussy or fanny.” she unconsciously slid her fingers between her legs. “The bits you can feel are the lips around your pussy and the best bit is your clitoris. It’s a little bump at the top of your pussy. Here let me show you…”
With that David gently pushed her on to her back and as she eased her legs apart he delved his fingers quite happily between her legs where her pussy, as she now knew it to be called, was still a bit wet.
“These are your lips…” David was gazing into her eyes as he ran his finger up and down the opening of her pussy. She was starting to feel really nice again! “Now if I move my fingers up slightly I should be able to find your clitoris… ah here it is!” she now felt David’s fingers touching what was a definite bump between her legs and she gasped. This was fantastic! His fingers rubbed against the bump and suddenly it happened again…
It took her a minute or so to recover from at one! She opened her eyes to see David grinning at her.
“So now you know the best bits to play with!”
“So how are babies made then?” she was now curious and David sat up again.
“What happens is a man puts his cock into the lady’s pussy and slides it backwards and forwards. Then when he has an orgasm the stuff comes out and into the pussy and makes the baby.” David seemed a little uncertain as to the biological facts but seemed quite happy as to the mechanics. Caroline gazed down at his cock which was now stiff again.
“You’d never get that inside me would you?”
David grinned at her, quite smugly she thought.
“I think I should be able to!” How did he know? Had he done it before?
“But surely we’d make a baby wouldn’t we?” David seemed encouraged by her interest and quickly turned to look at her.
“No it’s alright. We are far too young to make babies. That won’t happen until we’re older.” David seemed very confident about this and she accepted him at his word. She bit her lip thoughtfully.
“Can I think about it?”
“Of course you can Caroline. You take your time.” David was now kneeling up facing her, his face a picture of excitement and enthusiasm. He was like a faithful puppy! She grinned back at him. Suddenly he seemed to get embarrassed.
“Only if you want to though…” He turned away again. She reached out and stroked his back. He turned to look at her gratefully.
“I’m sure we can. Just give me time?”
Our tummies told us it was nearly lunchtime so they quickly got dressed and went back to the house. Later that afternoon they swam in the pool and didn’t talk much about what had happened. However that night she had another two orgasms!