the famity down the street

I live on a dead end street, no one has ever lived in the house as long as I’ve lived there and that’s been nearly five years. I was coming home when the for sale sign went up, I laughed and said no one in there right mind would buy that place. Well I went on to my house a good ways down the street; I pulled in and went into my house. I had really forgotten all about the sign, it was soon a land mark for the guests I had to find my street since some times the sign was stolen but that sign stayed there. I came home one day and it had a sold sign plastered across it, I said what the hell and I turned around and looked again, I said ok, they put that there so they could make you think they’re doing a great job, no one would by the old place. I went home and did my thing, which was normally watching the tube and jacking off to some porn on the computer most times unless I had a girlfriend at that point, which I didn’t. Seems they all want a commitment and I’m not ready for that, so I let them go and move on. I was coming home from work one day and there was a moving truck in the drive, I slowed to see, but no one came into view, I went to my house and thought nothing about it. The next morning I was going to work and I saw a woman, not very tall lifting the boxes out of the van, then a younger version came out ad she grabbed a box and took it into the house, I thought ok, ladies, ok, nice. I went to work and did my thing, as I was driving home I thought what the hell, so I stopped and got some wine and cheese and crackers to take over as a peace offering, everyone like that, so I stopped, knocked on the door, a woman in her thirties or forties came to the door, she said yes, can I help you, I introduced myself, and where I lived, she said oh yes, the realtor said we had people at the end of the street, would you like to come in? I smiled and said well yes, I’d like that, I walked behind her and she gave me the five cent tour as she called it, she showed me the house and it was almost like mine, I could walk around it without bumping into anything I believe. She showed me her room then her daughters, her daughters room door was slightly closed, she tapped on it and the voice said come in mom so she opened it and the daughter was butt naked, she looked at me then her mom, she went off screaming how could you mom, and before her mom could say anything she was in her bath crying. I said ok, I’ll come back, she giggled and said no, please stay, I’ll get us some glasses, no need for her to spoil a good bottle of wine and cheese and crackers now, is there, I smiled and said if you think it’s ok, she said well being that there is only my daughter Megan an myself Charlene, she said clothing isn’t required around here, I said my place is the same way, she said then you understand the rules, I said but of course, I even have a large sign in my front yard telling you I’m a nudist, she smiled and said I’ll have to get one of those sometime. We drank the wine, she got some chips and dip out to help out, she said sorry nothing is in here right now, I said no apologizes needed, I understand. She looked at me and said well then, I said yes, she said so you live down the street, I said yes, the only other house on the street, she said well I’m glad I’m not alone out here, it is pretty secluded, I said that’s what drew me to here in the first place, the privacy, she said I see. We finished the wine and the crackers, she said well I need to go to the grocery before to long, I said well why not come over to my place for dinner tonight, I can throw some chicken on the grill and some taters and we can get to know each other, she smiled and said that sounds really nice, then she said oh, let me check with miss prude, so she went off to talk to her, it took her some time, I drank the last of my glass and then she came out, she said well it’s all set, I said good, I have a pool, suits are optional, but your more than welcome to bring them, she smiled and said well thanks for that, and I got up and left. Now a little bit about the ladies, Megan looked like a senior maybe a junior in high school, nice tits, very perky, she had no pussy hair, I’m assuming because of cheerleading or something like that, she was a blonde and I didn’t get close enough for the eyes yet. Charlene is older than me, she’s a natural brunette and very large breasts, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were hanging slightly down, but her nipples were very large and pronounced, she had a nice ass and I couldn’t tell if she was bald, her shorts were just a little to long to see anything. I was sitting on the patio when the door bell rang, I grabbed a towel and threw it around me, then I thought, why, so I left it on the table and went to answer it. I opened it up and when I did there stood Charlene and Megan, they were seeing me in all my glory, I smiled and asked them to come in, Charlene smiled, Megan kept looking at my cock and they both came in, I said I’m glad you took me up on my offer, Charlene said well I did want to cook and Megan likes to swim, so it was nice to come over, she laughed and told me she really wasn’t excepting me to be nude even though the sign says so, I said well I told you up front I was, so why didn’t you? She just shook her head and told me that she’d never met a nudist before, so she really didn’t know what to except. I smiled and said well are you staying or leaving, she giggled and said staying, if the offer still stands for dinner, I smiled and said but of course, I said I’ll get the chicken marinating and if you’ll open this bottle of wine, we’ll have dinner soon, if you’d like to get in a swim Megan go for it, the water is perfect, she didn’t say anything but I heard a splash while I was inside. I put the marinate on the chicken, grabbed some cheese and crackers, different ones this time, some flavored things I picked up, and went back outside. I sat down, Charlene just smiled as I came back out, I said strange hey, she said what, I said it must be strange for you to sit there seeing me nude and all, she smiled and said you have no idea. I said well you can either join me, or just keep looking it really doesn’t bother me, she giggled and said I see that, damn it, I laughed and said what, you want me to get a hard on, she smiled sheepishly and shook her head yes, I chuckled and said well maybe later, we’ll see. Megan was swimming around, I wasn’t watching her at all, she finally started to come out, that’s when I noticed her, she was nude also, she took the towel and drying herself off, she said wow the water is great, thanks I needed that, I laughed and said looks like you didn’t stay shy to long, she smiled and said well your nude, and you’ve seen me nude, so why hide it, right, I said right. That’s when Megan looked at her mom, Charlene said oh hell, ok, why not, when in Rome and all, she stood up, and started removing her clothes, she folded them neatly and placed them on the chair next to her, when she finished, she struck a pose and said there, happy, I smiled and said completely, she coyly smiled and said hum, I’m getting my first wish I see, and she pointed to my cock, it was growing fast, I laughed and said well all good things come to those who wait I’ve heard, and the girls started laughing. I fixed the chicken, they got everything else ready, Megan got a salad together, I asked her how old she was, she said I just turned 17 why, I said oh just wondering, that all, she smiled and when we got it all together, we had a pretty good spread, we laughed and ate, I asked Charlene if Megan could have some wine, she looked at her and said sure, why not, this is a night of I’m assuming firsts so why not, Megan’s eyes lit up, she gladly took the wine glass and took a sip, she said umm, no wonder you guys like this, it’s really good, we both smiled and continued eating and drinking. They got there around 6 and didn’t leave until nearly 11; luckily it was a Friday night so none of us had to get up for work or school. The next morning I was woken by a phone call from Charlene, she was inviting me for breakfast, I said, what time is it, she said nearly 7am why? I grunted and said I’ll be there in an hour, she laughed and said I take it your not an early riser on the weekend, I said nope, she said I’m sorry, I said no worries, I’ll be there, I’ll grab a shower and be there soon, she giggled again and said I’ll have the coffee ready, I said umm, that’s great, see you soon. I pulled myself out of bed, got into the shower and threw on some shorts and a shirt; I shaved some, and brushed my teeth and hair, not with the same brush though, ha, ha. I crawled into my truck and went down the road, I knocked, Megan was bright eyed and bushy tailed for that early, she was still nude and motioned me in, she said great, your alive, I said that fact isn’t confirmed yet, she busted a gut laughing at that one. I came into the kitchen, Charlene was naked, so I said hold on, I took off my clothes and sat down, they both smiled and joined me, Charlene gave me a cup of coffee and she went back to fixing breakfast, Megan leaned over and sort of whispering and mostly not, she said with a smile, mom thinks your hot and wants you, Charlene spun around and said Megan, how dare you, that was suppose to be a secret, I laughed and they all started laughing. I said so, you want me do you, she blushed bright red, I sat there teasing her by saying well you know that if we did get together, you’d have to do all the cooking for us, and all the cleaning of two homes as I winked at Megan, she was smiling, Charlene didn’t respond, she stood there cooking, Megan chimed in and said wow mom, it would be like old times then, you cooking and cleaning and barefoot and pregnant, that got her then, she turned around and as she did, her tits swung with her bouncing around on her chest, Megan started laughing and said we got you mom, she just hung her head and laughed too. I asked them where they came from, Megan said well after the divorce, mom and I left Tennessee and came here, she as always loved Texas so we came over here, I said oh I’m sorry about the divorce, she said you didn’t cause it, he did, wanting something younger, the ass hole, Charlene said, Megan said he even tried to seduce one of my friends, that’s how we found out about him, she told me and I told her. The judge gave us everything and wanted to prosecute him for trying to do a minor, but he didn’t get to do her, so she couldn’t. I said good for her, Megan said well we’re doing great by ourselves but I know mom misses having sex, Charlene yelled out Megan Jennifer, I said oh shit, your in for it now, she used your middle name, Megan said I’m sorry mom, just trying to help you out, she said well I’m quite capable of getting my own man thank you very much, I said well let’s eat, Charlene said good idea. We changed the subject quickly and after wards I offered the pool to them anytime they wanted it, no need to ask, just come on over and take a dip, they thanked me and Megan said I’ll be there after I get settled in today, I said well I hope you drive or have a scooter, it’s murder out there walking. Charlene said I’ll take you down there later ok, she said thanks mom, you’re the greatest, she said no need trying to make up to me now, so help clean up this mess, Megan got up started putting the dishes in the dish washer, she was bending over along with Charlene, I was seeing them in great light, my cock was growing and growing fast, I said excuse me, but I think I’d better go before I do something we’re not prepare for yet, they both looked at me and Charlene said oh please, don’t go, it’s ok, it’s quite nice knowing I’m causing you a hard on, it feels good to me, I said well I’m not sure I can control myself with you two bending over like that, I’ve been a little alone for a while too, so I’m horny right now, she giggled and said well maybe it’s time to take care of that thing then, she took my hand and led me into her room, she promptly knelt down and started sucking my cock, I moaned and since she didn’t close the door, I was standing there with my cock in her mouth and I didn’t care, I picked her up, laid her on her bed and spread her legs, I went down on her and started licking her pussy, she screamed with her first orgasm, Megan didn’t come running so I assumed she knew her mom was a screamer, I continued my tonguing and she came three more times before I stood up and guided my cock inside her, she clung to me moaning with every thrust, she gripped my back so I couldn’t escape like, I pumped my cock in and out of her and when I got ready to cum she clamped her pussy muscles around me and I blew the largest load I had inside her, she screamed with each burst and when I got done, she was panting like a deer after a run. I rolled off her and then we saw Megan standing there with her fingers buried deep in her pussy, Charlene motioned her over, she looked at me and said will you, I smiled and held out my hand to her, she laid there between us and I buried my face in her bald pussy and tongued her to three orgasms also, then she sucked my cock and licked her lips at the taste of her moms juices, I smiled and rolled over atop her and proceeded in fucking her also, she moaned with my thrusts, she pulled her legs up around my shoulders and I pounded her young pussy until she came again and again, I flooded her hole with my cum and she gripped my shoulders as I filled her up. I fell atop her and we all laid there smiling and happy. Charlene said damn I needed that, I said me too, Megan said me three and we laughed at that comment. I was able to give them one more load each before I was drained, they loved the fact that I made them cum first before I did, they also loved that my cock was so long and thick, I knew Megan hadn’t had anything like that, and I was sure Charlene even though she was not a virgin to sex, her ex wasn’t as big as me either. I had Charlene on all fours the last time and her tits were swinging with my thrusts, Megan looked at her after I pulled out and they started doing a 69 on each other, I smiled and admired them as they pleasured each other. Megan would come over after that almost everyday and want me to make love to her, she loved the way I felt inside her, we did this the entire summer and by winter, Charlene’s company she worked for was down sizing and she had to either find a new job or move to upper Texas near the Oklahoma border to the parent company to keep her job, so she choose to do that. The week of them having to leave, we were at one another’s house every night, I was fucking them both all the time, she didn’t want to leave, but the company was paying for everything about the move and not cutting her salary so she choose to go. I’m going to miss them both terribly, Charlene and I see each other from time to time, Megan has graduated high school and going to college up there, she’s living with a guy from the school she has classes with, she whispers to me that he’s not as good as I am in bed, but he’s cute and helps her with her home work, so she’s happy, I said well train him right and he’ll be just as good as I am. She smiled and said I think I will, thanks and I gave her a kiss and felt her tits, she giggled and said how about a quickie, I smiled and held out my hands, we went into Charlene’s room and I did her really quick, she moaned like normal, but she came so hard, her juices were running down both our legs. I haven’t seen her since that day, Charlene told me she and her boyfriend are talking marriage, but she’s trying to talk her out of it, she’s too young to be tied down now, I said well it’s her life, let her experience it on her terms, like you did, she giggled and said that’s what I’m trying not let her do, make the same mistakes I did at her age. I kissed Charlene bye and got my clothes on, I got into my truck and headed for home. I miss having them down the street and having them as sexual partners all the time, but I’m sure someone will buy the place soon, at least I hope so.