The Quadruple S Ordeal

Elizabeth sat in the waiting room, her leg bouncing up and down nervously. She had just filled out her paperwork and handed it over to the receptionist. Now all she could do was wait. She hated going to the doctor. Ever since she was a child, it was one of her most dreaded ordeals. She glanced around quickly at the other patients wait to be called. How come none of them seemed so nervous?

The only reason she was here was because of a job opportunity that was too good to pass up. Elizabeth had been a runner since high school, and was one of the best in track and field who ever graduated from her large school. That was last year. So far this year, job opportunities were slim. As college took up most of her time, she needed a simple job she would enjoy. This is when she spotted her dream job in the classifieds. “WANTED: Athletes to test running and sporting shoes of various styles. Applicants must be in prime health, and ready to push these shoes to their limit. The most comfortable experience while performing your sport is our number one priority. Work weekends only! Contact Quadruple S. That's Super Supple Stylish Shoes at 555-5555.”

Elizabeth did not bother calling. She went in person to their location, as this seemed like the answer to her money woes. So impressed was Mr. Planum, the president of Quadrulple S, that he hired her on the spot, pending a physical exam to determine she was a healthy candidate. Elizabeth is discouraged when she heard this last part, heading towards the door with a “Thank you anyway” on her lips, when Mr. Planum quickly said, “Two Hundred.”

“What?” Elizabeth stopped, doorknob in hand.

“Two Hundred Dollars an hour,” replied the president. “That's what we pay our testers. Oh, and also, you can work as many hours as you like during the weekend. And judging by your appearance, you'll be able to test for many hours without tiring.”

Elizabeth took a few seconds to register this in her mind. A two hundred dollars an hour to do one of the only things she really loved?

“Ok, Mr. Planum. I'll do the physical.”

That was yesterday. Elizabeth spend all that day and night dreading having to go to the doctor. Now here she sat, reminding herself as her nervous heart pounded, of the ridiculous pay coming her way if she could get through this.

The door to the back rooms opened, and a handsome male nurse stood, giving the waiting room and quick glance. “Elizabeth?” he called in a kind, strong tone. A shot of adrenaline surged through her veins as Elizabeth saw that this handsome man, a few years her senior, was going to take her into the exam room. “Isn't it always female nurses at these places?” she thought as she stood up.

“Hi,” said, showing her through the door. Elizabeth could do little but give a small smile. “We'll be right in here,” the nurse said, leading her down a hallway, and into an exam room. Elizabeth glanced around: two wooden, padded chairs, an exam table with the back raised, a scale, a sink and counter with various jars of sticks and Q-Tips, a box of exam gloves, a digital thermometer, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope…everything she hated.

“Ok, you can take a seat right there,” said the nurse, pointing to one of the chairs. “We'll start with your blood pressure.” She sat down and rolled up her sleeve as the nurse took a cuff and wrapped it around her arm. He pumped it up, and she felt her heart pounding in her arm as he slowly released the pressure.

“Just a little high,” said the nurse, as he un-velcroed the cuff.

“Yeah, I'm a little nervous,” said Elizabeth, in a slightly embarrassed way.

“No need to be nervous,” the nurse replied. Setting down the cuff, he picked up the thermometer. “Under your tongue please?” he said, bringing it towards her mouth. She parted her glossed, pink lips and let him slide it in her mouth. It beeped. “Perfect!” he said, pulling the tip off and tossing it away.

“We're going to need you to disrobe down to your underwear please,” he said, going over to a drawer under the exam table, and pulling out a small, blue cloth gown. She knew in the back of her mind that this was coming. “The doctor will be in shortly to see you.” The nurse smiled pleasantly as he left, shutting the door behind him.

Elizabeth stood looking at the small gown laying on the exam table for a few seconds. She pulled her top off over her head, and kicked her little sneakers off before unbuttoning her jeans. She quickly pulled off her pants and grabbed the gown. Putting it on, she was a little embarrassed that it was so short, stopping a few inches above her knees. She tied that back of the gown, tossed her clothes on a chair, and hopped up onto the table, her socked feet dangling above the floor.

She was brushing back her shoulder length brown hair behind her ears, when a knock at the door startled her. The door opened, and in stepped a middle aged woman, tall, with dark blond hair pulled back in a pony tail. She wore a white lab coat buttoned over a blue top, nylons over her shapely legs, and black heeled shoes. She adjusted her glasses as she glanced over a clipboard, and shut the door behind her.
“Hi, Elizabeth. I'm doctor Dawn,” she said, walking up to the young patient. “I see that Mr. Planum sent you in for an employment exam?”

“Mm hmm,” said Elizabeth, looking down at her lap.

“And for what position at the company?” asked the doctor. She took a pen out of her pocket to make notes on her paperwork.

“As a tester for their sports shoes,” answered the patient.

“I see!” said doctor Dawn, ticking a box on her clipboard. “Just to prepare you, Elizabeth, I have seen many of Mr. Planum's applicants for this position. Most don't live up to his standards for this job. He demands only the best candidates, and they must have my stamp of approval before he will hire them.”

“Well I'm very healthy. I've been in sports all through school, so there shouldn't be any problems physically,” said Elizabeth, a little taken aback.

“You seem to be in fine shape, dear,” said the doctor. “And how old are you?”

“I turned eighteen a few months ago,” she answered.

The doctor set down her clipboard on the counter and took a stethoscope. “I'm just going to listen to your heart now,” she said, walking up next to Elizabeth, and putting the cold metal on her back. “Take a few deep breaths please?”

“Very good,” said doctor Dawn. “Though your heart rate is a bit high.”

“I'm just a little nervous,” said Elizabeth with a little anxious giggle.

“It's ok,” said the doctor. “Perfectly normal to be nervous at the doctor's.” Now, I am going to need you to remove your gown, bra, and socks please. We need to get your height and weight.”

Another surge of adrenaline shot through Elizabeth. “Oh…okay,” she said in a quiet voice. She untied the back of her gown as the doctor walked towards the scale. Hopping off the exam table, she took off the gown, setting it on the table, and unhooked her bra. She felt herself flush as the cold air touched her naked breasts. Next she bent down and slipped off each sock, which she set with her bra on the exam table.

It wasn't the nakedness of her breasts that embarrassed her the most. Nor the fact that the cold air of the exam room was making her little nipples hard. It was having to be barefoot in the presence of this stranger. Elizabeth never walked anywhere barefoot. Her socks came off to take a shower, and to pamper her feet once in awhile. She even slept with her socks on! She had always been this way, and was very conscientious of her feet. Open-toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, they were never owned by her.

Elizabeth walked over to the scale and stepped up hesitantly. Doctor dawn adjusted some weights until they were properly balanced.

“Okay, you weight 112. Now please turn around so I can take your height.”

Elizabeth carefully turned herself on the little platform.

“Your height is five feet, four inches. Very good. You can have a seat back on the exam table,” said the doctor, as she jotted down the information on her clipboard. Elizabeth hopped back onto the table, her little bare feet dangling above the floor.

The doctor walked over to the table and took Elizabeth's gown and clothes. “I'm going to set these on this chair,” she said, putting the clothes next to Elizabeth's other belongings. Just then there was a knock on the door, and the male nurse entered, closing the door behind him.

“Good timing,” smiled doctor Dawn. The nurse, carrying a small briefcase, walked over and sat it on the counter. Elizabeth sat, mortified, that this man was now in the room with her nearly naked. She instinctively crossed her arms over her breasts, and squeezed her knees together as tight as she could.

“I'm really not comfortable with this,” said the embarrassed girl, looking at the doctor with pleading eyes. “I don't want a man in here while I'm like this!”

“Now, Elizabeth,” said doctor Dawn in a comforting voice, “This is our job, and we are professionals. There's no need to be shy. I need him to assist me for a few quick tests, and then we'll be done.”

“Can I at least put my bra back on?” she said, looking at her pile of clothes on one of the chairs.

“No, not yet,” replied the doctor. “We're going to need to take some readings of your heart in a bit. Now,” said the doctor, walking over to the exam table and laying the backrest all the way down, “if you could please lay back?”

Elizabeth scooted back and laid down, her right arm still covering breasts. The doctor went to her patient's hanging legs, and pulled the extension of the exam table out. Hesitantly, Elizabeth put her feet on the extended part of the table, her knees bent so that her feet were flat.

She glanced to her left at the counter where the nurse had flicked open the briefcase, and was removing items that she could not discern. Doctor Dawn lightly took Elizabeth's ankles, lifted her feet, and gently pulled her legs straight. “That is such pretty toenail polish! I love that shade of pink,” she said with a smile, and went over to the counter, taking something the nurse had removed. Elizabeth instinctively bent her knees, and put her feet flat on the table again. Her ears burned red from the compliment on her nail polish.

“Okay, Elizabeth,” said the doctor, coming to the end of the exam table. “We're just going to take some measurements of your feet.

“Why do you need to do that?” said the patient, sitting up a little and feeling rather paniced.

“Mr. Planum wants detailed specifications of all his testers. Now please,” said doctor Dawn, again gently taking her ankles, and pulling her legs, “keep your legs straight. Ready nurse?”

“Ready!” said the nurse, walking next to the exam table with the clipboard in hand.

Doctor Dawn brought up a caliper and held it next to Elizabeth's right foot. She leaned in close to her bare foot, and adjusted the instrument until it spanned from the bottom of her heel to the tip of her big toe. “Nine inches, nurse,” she read, as the male nurse wrote down the measurement.

Elizabeth just stared at the bright lights on the ceiling, humiliated, as the doctor measured each of her cute little toes on her right foot. As the numbers were called out, they were recorded promptly by the nurse. The width of her foot was then also taken at its widest point. Her left foot was then scrutinized in the same fashion. Elizabeth had never dreamed that going to the doctor could be so embarrassing. She now knew the exact measurements of each foot and toe. And so would Mr. Planum.

“Okay, Elizabeth,” said doctor Dawn, handing the caliper to the nurse, “ now for a sensitivity test.

“Sensitivity?” said the patient, who had half sat up, thinking the exam was about over. “Doesn't he have enough to go on now?”

“Almost. We'll be done soon. Nurse, please put the monitor oh her.” The doctor walked over to the counter, but Elizabeth wasn't able to see what she was doing. The male nurse walked to her left side, holding a small box with two electrodes dangling from wires.

“I just need to stick these on your chest,” he said, setting the box on the table next to her. “So if you wouldn't mind moving your arm, they need to go on your chest, to measure your heart rate.”

Slowly Elizabeth put her arm at her side, exposing her breasts to this male stranger. He placed the pads near each breast, and flipped on the box. “Just try to relax,” he said, and stepped to the foot of the exam table.

Doctor Dawn joined him, handing him the clipboard and a few other items. “Okay, we're going to exam your feet now to see how sensitive they are.” She bent towards Elizabeth's feet and looked closely at them. She took each foot in each of her hands and felt with her thumbs the smooth, pink skin.

“You have very nice feet, Elizabeth!” the doctor said. “I wish mine were this soft. How often do you get pedicures?”

“I've never had one,” she answered, with a shy giggle.

“Well, whatever you're doing, keep it up. You have the softest feet I think I have ever examined. Not a callous to be seen!”

Elizabeth's cheeks flushed at this compliment. She never knew she could be so embarrassed. All she wanted was for this exam to end. To get dressed. To put her socks and shoes back on! As these thoughts raced through her mind, the doctor walked over to the monitor laying next to her. She picked up the box saying, “Okay, nurse, start the sensitivity tests.”

Elizabeth felt the male nurse cup her heel in his hand and raise her foot up. She glanced up to see her bare foot just a couple of inches away from this attractive man's face. She quickly looked away, too embarrassed for words.

Taking something from his pocket, the nurse said, “Let me know if you can feel this, okay?” He brought the soft tip of a feather gently down the middle of her sole. Her foot twitched slightly.

“I felt that,” she said in quiet voice.

“And this?” he asked, brushing the feather sideways across the pads of her toes.

“Yes,” she answered, as her toes flinched back slightly.

“What about this?” he said, as he put the soft feather in between her big toe and the next, and quickly pulled it through.

Her foot involuntarily jumped back. “Yes, it tickles,” she replied.

“Now hold as still as you can please,” said the nurse. She felt the soft feather slide between her second and third toes. This time it was slowly pulled out, and her foot twitched. Then the third and fourth toes had the feather slide in. Slowly it crept out, and her leg twitched. In it went between the fourth and fifth toes. Quickly it was pulled between them, and her toes curled slightly.

She then felt the feather's tip lightly brush down her sole. Then it went up and sideways. She felt it flicker across the ball of her foot, and then go in small circular motions up to the base of her little toes, and down to her shapely arch. Then it danced in tiny circles on the heel of her bare sole. All the while she tried to stay still and to not react. She hadn't even noticed that she had been holding her breath, giving it her all not to move.

The sensations stopped. She glanced towards her foot, thinking her test was over. The nurse had only flipped the feather in his hand, and now he brought the quill straight down, from her big toe to her heel.

“Aahhh!” Elizabeth cried, pulling her foot back without control.

“Make a note of that, nurse,” said doctor Dawn, carefully watching the small box monitoring Elizabeth's heart rate. Setting down her foot, the nurse scratched some notes on the clipboard. Picking her foot back up he said, “Now please hold as still as possible.”

He dragged the quill lightly up and down her sole. Elizabeth caught her breath with each pass, trying her best not to flinch. But her reflexes were hard to control. When the passes stopped and she heard the click of a bottle cap, she glanced up to see the nurse pouring a bit of some kind of liquid in his hand. He rubbed it on her exposed sole. She laid her head back. It felt good, almost like a massage.

The quill tip came down her foot again suddenly, hard down her arch, gliding on the oil spread on her sole. She almost pulled her foot out of his hand in astonishment. “Oohhh!,” she whimpered. The nurse took another note. Then she felt the quill go back to her foot. It slid gracefully, slowly, all across the ball of her sole. He brought it down each little toe. It went in tiny circles on every pad of her oiled digits.

“Oohh. Ohh my God,” were the words escaping her lips, as her leg twitched and shook, wanting nothing more than to pull her poor foot away.

“Hold still, dear. You must stay as still as you can,” said doctor Dawn standing next to her, watching the monitor, as well as her poor struggling patient doing her best to comply.

The quill reached her soft arch, and the nurse brought it down in a squiggly motion. It went up again, and down again. Elizabeth was breathing hard as this happened. Her composure was quickly leaving as this sensation overwhelmed her. The nurse stopped to give her a little break.

“Is that it?” asked Elizabeth. “Are we done?” He breathing became more easy, and she felt embarrassed about how he may have looked trying to withstand this test.

“Almost”, said Doctor Dawn. “You may continue, nurse.”

The quill started at the bottom of Elizabeth's arch, and slid down to her tender, round heel. The nurse drew it in circles over the circumference of her pad.

“Oohhh. Noo. No, it's too much,” whimpered the poor girl, he little toes scrunching up in a vain effort to protect the rest of her foot.

“The nurse drew smaller circles on her heel, gradually making them larger, then smaller again. The whiteness of her depressed skin follow the quill as it went.

“Ooohhhh. Please, nurse! Please stop it. It's too much!” Elizabeth was now loud, nearly yelling at the nurse.

The nurse stopped and Elizabeth caught her breath. “Very good, young lady,” said doctor Dawn. “Once more little test is all that is left.

“Oh good,” said Elizabeth, still panting a bit. That's when she noticed the wetness between her legs. Her panties were soaked, and her nipples were as hard as rocks. She looked at the male nurse, who was making more notes, with a yearning she seldom felt. She just hoped he wouldn't notice her wet underwear.

Returning to the end of the exam table, the nurse picked up her foot again. “Now, you must hold as still as possible, Elizabeth,” he said. “Don't pull your foot away, but you can allow your foot to move with its natural reflexes.

“Okay,” said Elizabeth, glancing at the nurse. That's when she saw what he was holding. It had a handle a few inches long and was topped with a wheel, out of which was a line of pins! “What is that!” she asked with a hint of panic in her voice.

“This is a wartenberg wheel,” answered the nurse. “It won't hurt. Are you ready?”

“I suppose,” she answered, not sounding at all confident in her answer.

“Here we go,” said the nurse, bringing the instrument down lightly on her skin. Slowly he ran it down her pink and tender sole. One pin after another, in rapid succession digging, into her. It wasn't bad. He brought it down two more passes in the same fashion, and Elizabeth didn't pull away or make any noise.

Suddenly it came down faster and slightly harder. It make her jump and nearly pull her foot away. It hurt, tickled, and felt good all at once.

“Hold still now,” said doctor Dawn, looking down on her nearly nude patient, noticing her hard, erect nipples, and wet panties.

The male nurse now used the wheel with little compassion. He brought it across her sole slowly, with pressure behind it. The pins dug into her flesh a seemingly infinite amount of times.

“Ohh. Nooo. Oohh my God,” whimpered the poor girl, her leg quivering as she tried to keep her foot still.

Up and down the wheel went. Then slowly from side to side over her soft flesh. Slowly up the side of her foot the nurse brought it, from heel to pinky toe. The down again in a slow agony.

“Please! Please stop! No!”

Down it came again, slower than ever. Down her pink sole, sending electricity through her nerves. Her leg shook, her little toes curled. He sole wrinkled up, doing all it could to protect itself from the wheel.

“Ooohhhh my God! I'm begging. I can't…I can't take it! No, no, NO! Please doctor!” She looked at doctor Dawn with pleading eyes. “Please doctor Dawn! Please make it stooopp!”

The nurse finished the test and removed the wartenberg wheel from Elizabeth's poor sole. “All done!” he said. “Good job, Elizabeth. I can honestly say that I have never seen a patient hold so still. I know it isn't easy.” Setting her foot down, he made more notes on his clipboard.

“Yes, you did very well,” said doctor Dawn. In fact, you are by far the best candidate I have examined for Mr. Planum. I think it's safe to assume you will get the job.”

“Oh good. Thank you, doctor,” said Elizabeth, wiping away a few tears. “I'm just glad it's over. That was worse than anything I imagined.”

“Half over,” said the doctor, walking down to Elizabeth left foot.

“What?” said Elizabeth, sitting up with her beautiful eyes wide and panicked.

“Mr. Planum is very thorough, as I said,” the doctor replied, picking up Elizabeth's foot and examining her soft sole. “Based on your other foot's test, you should have nothing to worry about. Your feet will be extremely sensitive to all his test shoes, thus making you a valuable voice as a tester of his products.”

The male nurse passed the feather to the doctor as he took up his place by the heart monitor. “Oh my,” he said, glancing at her panties, “It doesn't look like it was all so horrible.”

Elizabeth was to concerned about the next test to even be embarrassed that this handsome man had seen her soaked underwear. Her eyes glistened with tears as the nurse brought the feather up to her sole.

“You really do have the softest feet I have ever seen,” said the doctor. “Now, lets see how sensitive this foot is.”

The End.