The Stripper – Adult Gay Stories 2018

Thought for a bit of fun I would have a go at writing an erotic novel. Here is chapter 1. Let me know any feedback and give me a thanks if you would like more chapters.

Chapter 1: The Audition

At no point during my young adult life had I ever contemplated the idea of becoming a stripper. I grew up in rural Ohio and hated every moment of it. I could not wait to leave the dead-end place and get myself far away from the backward views and unhappy childhood memories. So I saved up some money and not long after my eighteenth birthday hopped on a plane to Los Angeles. I had absolutely no plan but my family were supportive of the move recognising that I was not suited to life in a sleepy state. I drifted around LA for the first few months, sofa surfing in various dodgy apartments before settling in a nice but small flat-share near Venice Beach. At first it was very lonely moving to a new city where I knew no one. However, once I got involved in the local gay scene and met some guys my age, I had some of the best years of my life.

The Stripper – Adult Gay Stories 2018

The issue, as is so often the case, was money. Although I held up jobs in various bars around Venice Beach, the hours were irregular and I slowly depleted the little money I had saved up back home. I had a number of on-off guys that I would date during these years in LA but none of them were realistically long-term boyfriend material. It was one of these guys that I was seeing that first suggested that I take a step outside of my comfort zone to make some money.

The morning after one of our hook-ups, we were discussing how nice my apartment was. I sadly explained that I would likely have to move out soon because the rent was too high.
“Have you ever thought of becoming a stripper?” He asked, as we shared breakfast in bed. I was taken aback at the suggestion.
“What? No way. I’m not working in one of those sleazy places.”
“Wait, here me out. There’s a really legit and classy place called Rocky’s up in Central. I some stripping there for a whole summer when I was short on cash, made a shit load. You’re not forced to do anything you wouldn’t want to and the boys there are really nice. You’ve got the body for it, you should look it up.”

It took me a couple of days to mull it over before I considered giving it a try. Although I had never had any problems picking up boys, I really doubted they would hire me as a stripper. I didn’t think my physique was muscular enough for it. I was however, very short on cash and thought there would be no harm in at least just checking the place out. I looked up Rocky’s and spoke to the manager called Vince. He asked me a couple of questions about my age and build and then asked me to come in for an audition the next afternoon.

So that was how I found myself getting a cab into central LA and standing outside a large modernised warehouse building with a discrete sign Rocky’s over the door. It was not at all the back-alley, dodgy establishment I had built up in my expectations. I nervously entered through the front door and was met at a counter by a handsome, smiling boy who must been in his early twenties. He was wearing nothing but a bow tie and tight black briefs. I thought this attire was a bit ridiculous but I had to admit, it was very sexy. The boy led me through a door behind the counter into a small and very messy office.

“Hey there, I’m Vince, you’re Zack right?”
The man behind the desk was a dark-haired man who must have been approaching his forties. He was wearing a tight white vest which showed off thick muscular arms the size of tree trunks. I nodded.
“Right it’s been a bit of a manic day and so let’s get right to it if you don’t mind. Please could you strip down to your underwear.”
I gingerly took off my t-shirt and jeans keeping on my white Calvin Kleins that I considered to be the sexiest underwear I owned. Vince got up from his chair and did a quick circle examining my body. I felt ridiculous standing there being inspected like an art sculpture but did not want to complain.
“Great thanks, and if you could quickly take off your underwear so that I can see the goods”
I nervously removed my underwear and Vince took a quick look at my cock and went back behind the desk, “good stuff, when can you start?”
“Wait, don’t you need to see me dance?”
Vince gave a lift chuckle, “the guys who come to this establishment don’t care about good dancing, so long as they get their fill of a sexy body. Believe me, I used to strip here. I know what it’s like.”
I hesitated for a moment while I put my clothes back on.
“Well, I suppose I could start tomorrow,” I could hear actual trepidation in my voice.
“Great. I take good care of my boys here, you can work whatever hours you want and can leave the job any time, no questions asked.”
Vince picked up the phone on his desk and asked for someone called Dillon to be sent to his office.
“The house takes 50 percent of any money you make but this is one of the best Gay strip clubs in the world and so you’ll make a lot. I just need to see your ID and please sign this non-disclosure form as we do get a number of celebs here.”

The door opened without a knock and I turned to see in the doorway the most beautiful boy I had ever set eyes on. He must have been a little older than me, at a guess mid-twenties. He had mousy coloured hair that was swept to one side and clipped short back and sides. He was naked apart from skimpy fluorescent pink underwear and some old-school Nike high-top trainers. He was tall, much taller then me, and skinny but not so skinny that he did not have any muscle definition.
“Dillon, this is Zack. He starts tomorrow, show him the ropes.”
Dillon rolled his eyes and looked me up and down.
“Come on then.” He had a soft voice with a slight southern accent.
“Be nice Dillon,” Vince added and gave me a wink as I turned to leave.

I followed Dillon out the room, realising at that point that his underwear had an open back showing his smooth rounded ass in all its glory. I tried not to stare at it as he walked in front of me but it was impossible to avert my gaze as the cheeks playfully bounced up and down with his stride. He led me to a back-stage dressing room where a couple of strippers were getting ready. One of them was totally naked as he did his hair in front of a full-length mirror. They both said hi and smiled as Dillon introduced me.
“So this is where we get ready, the dancing rota is on the door and there’s a selection of underwear you can wear on the rack here.”
I took a glance at the a huge selection of different briefs, jock-stamps and thongs of every colour imaginable. There must have been a hundred different garments and I was excited about the possibility of trying on some of the sexier numbers.

He then led me to the main room of club. It was a spacious, dimly lit room with a bar running down one side and seating booths filling the other walls. In the centre, taking up most of the space was a huge circular stage with seats around it. The stage revolved slowly so that everyone sitting around it had a good view of the dancer on the stripper pole. The dancer on stage was a dark-skinned boy wearing tight gold hot pants rhythmically dancing to R&B. Despite being early evening, there were already a number of guests around the stage watching the show or flirting with the scantily clad dancers milling around the club.

Dillon continued the tour and took me past a large bouncer to the private dance rooms off the main club.
“A private dance is $70 up front and lasts for ten minutes. Sit the punter down and then you can pick a tune to dance to here.”
Dillon indicated for me to sit on a large sofa in front of a pole and put on some slow hip-hop. He then started dancing seductively in front of me. He clearly knew what he was doing as he swayed slowly backwards and forwards on the pole. I tried to act professional by just looking at his face but kept glancing down at his beautiful smooth body. I was already getting aroused.
“You should start on the pole and then move on to the lap dance,”
At this point Dillon dropped down on all fours and crawled slowly over to me. He climbed onto my lap and gyrated slowly up and down as he pulled off my t-shirt. I knew he would be able to feel my now totally erect cock in my jeans as I desperately tried to think of anything other than the beautiful boy dancing over me. Luckily, Dillon did not mention anything about my massive boner pitching a tent in my jeans and got up, turned to face me and slowly removed his underwear.
“Towards the end of the ten minutes, start the naked dance. Some of the boys pop some viagra to get them going but it is also fine to dance soft.”
He began dancing naked on the pole and I had a cheeky look at his penis. It was non-erect but I could still tell it was bigger than mine. It was a smooth uncut cock, the size and shape that any man would be proud of. His pubic hair was shaved into a perfect triangle framing the soft abs above it.
He repeated the same seductive crawl over to me but this time stood with bent knees over me so that my face was level with his cock as he swayed it from side to side in front of me.
“We say no touching but it’s ok if the dancer is in control. The punters always get a thrill from a move like this.”
He slowly brought his body forward while holding my head so that his cock lightly brushed over my nose. It was the lightest of touches but enough to make me almost involuntary jizz. He then sat down on my lap, his cock resting on my jeans and I found myself face to face with him. My eyes locked with his beautiful brown eyes and he leaned forward. With a sudden bolt of adrenaline, I thought that he was about to kiss me. I could feel the warmth of his breath and couldn’t remember every having longed so much to kiss any boy. However, just when his lips were an inch from mine he pulled back.
“Always leave them wanting more,” he whispered and it was at this point that I saw for the first time, the faintest of smiles dart across his face but it was gone in an instant.

He got back to his feet and put on his underwear.
“You can give the punters a blow-job or even more if you want, just negotiate a price and get paid in advance. Any questions?”
It took me a while to respond as all I could think of was those beautiful brown eyes that was now seared into my memory for life.
“No, I don’t think so, thanks.”
I sheepishly rose to my feet hoping that my boner would not show through my jeans but Dillon was already out the door when I looked up.

I went straight home and had a quick wank. Dillon was the most beautiful boy I had ever met and I could not stop thinking about him. This job was going to be even tougher than I anticipated now that I was going to have to work with him.