The Tabatha Diaries – Ch 5

There is that infamous scene at the start of American Beauty where the now infamous Kevin Spacey jerks off in the shower. I always thought that was a pretty stupid scene. Everybody knows that semen congeals like a poached egg in hot water. It makes a real mess that I could never be bothered cleaning up.

So when the bathroom door opened one Saturday morning and Tabatha walked in while I was in the shower, she didn’t catch me in the act.

“Mind if I join you?” Without waiting for an answer, she releases the white bath towel that is fastened above her bust and it drops to the floor. She’s completely naked underneath.

“What about Mum?” I ask, as she opens the glass door of the shower cabinet and steps inside. My cock swells quickly as our naked bodies bump in the confined space. It is already horizontal by the time she closes the door behind her.

“She’s not into threesomes, and I’m not in the mood for sharing . . . this.” Tabatha grabs my fat cock with both hands.”

“That’s not what I meant, aren’t you worried she might . . .”

Tabatha pushes me up against the wall under the spray with a sort of shut-up-and-fuck-me finality. She picks up the bar of soap and starts soaping up my cock and my pecs. She seems to think that my cock is particularly dirty. I think her mouth looks particularly dirty. I am now almost completely erect. This is a lot of fun.

I put my hands on the wonderful slopes of her hips. Her skin is slippery from the water. She feels lovely. She stands up on her tip-toes and kisses me. Fuck! I love her kisses. Our lips are wet and it is an erotic wet kiss. My cock is fat and she rubs it against her stomach and fondles my balls.

I reach down between her legs and rub her clit. She groans.

We kiss and we kiss and we kiss.

I grope her firm ass and her narrow waist. I toy with her nipples. All the while we keep kissing under the warm sprinkle of water. Finally she breaks away.

“Mum’s gone to get her hair done. She won’t be back for at least two hours.” I smile at the thought of what we can do in the next two hours. Tabatha maintains her resting slut face. She is wanking my cock with one hand and reaching behind my balls with the other hand to soap up my perineum and my anus.

“We can go to my bed today, but we gotta get you nice and clean, first,” says Tabatha as she pushes her slippery finger along the ridge of skin and almost into my asshole. My legs nearly buckle under me with the pleasure of this new sensation. It is like an orgasmic tickle. I clutch her waist to support myself.

“Oh, fuck!” I groan.

“Don’t you clean yourself there?” she asks with mock indignation.

“I do, but it feels completely different when you do it.” I groan her name as she drags her fingernail out along that sensitive ridge and then slides it back in again. “Oh, Ta-ba-thahhhh.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom.”

We rinse off the soap and get dried. As we walk down the hall to her bedroom, Tabatha is walking backwards in front of me and staring at my cock.

“This is better, isn’t it? We’ve never done it in my room before,” says Tabatha. She has a brass bed with pink sheets and white pillows. She has a soft pink lamp on. It’s very girlie.

I climb onto the bed and lie down on my back. I haven’t been on her bed for years. When she was 15 and 16 she banned me from even entering her room. After that, I wasn’t much interested, until the recent change in our relations.

Tabatha gives me a sexy look and clambers across the bed on all fours and straddles my cock with her pussy. She brings her face up to mine and kisses me again. I put my arms around her delicate shoulders and give her a hug. She feels wonderful. I feel like her boyfriend. It’s weird to feel that way about my sister.

She reaches back with her hand to fondle my cock, which is rock hard again. She lays it down on my stomach and grinds her pubic bone against it. I feel her pussy lips on the base of my shaft as she gyrates her hips.

“Oh-ho!” I say, smiling. She’s playing with fire. She smiles back, knowingly. I grab her beautiful arse and pull her hips against me.

She is dry humping me with her naked pussy. Except neither of us is very dry.

“You do realise that what you’re doing makes me wanna fuck you?”

She looks insolently into my eyes and keeps grinding. “You do, do you?” I nod.

She slides her wet pussy lips along the full length of my thick shaft. Back and forth. Back and forth. I groan.

“Oh fuck! Tabatha!” She smiles wickedly and pashes me and keeps riding.

My heart is pounding with excitement and anticipation. Tabatha is on fire and she seems to be getting carried away. As she grinds her pussy on my erection, I can feel pre-cum oozing out of the tip of me. She slows at the end of her stroke and seems to kiss the tip of me with her clit and catches the pre-cum in her hood.

She reaches down again and fondles my balls and wanks my cock with her hand while her face stays in my face and her nipples dab mine.

She brings her hand back to support herself on all fours and starts grinding again. My breath catches.

Are we fucking? Am I inside her? I can’t tell for a moment, but then it seems not.

“Aww fuck!” I sigh and groan with a mix of pleasure and frustration. This is not fair. But it’s also a lot of fun.

I have been groping her firm buttocks. As we lock wet mouths again, I reach around and feel for her anus. I find it and press it gently with my finger. She doesn’t object and I press into her ring as she presses against my log.

Then she starts sliding all the way forward again, until her clit touches the tip of my cock. I grab her ass and pull her forward that extra inch at the end of each stroke, so that the entrance to her vagina is forward of the end of my cock. I pump blood into my erection so that it lifts off my stomach to catch her on the backward stroke. But my cock misses the mark and her wet lips slide down my shaft on the outside.

Tabatha knows exactly what I’m up to and how to play the game. She rides down my log again and falls off the end, but manages not to get caught on the way back. She teases me 3 or 4 times like this. She gives me that insolent look again, as if she’s daring me to get my cock inside her. The possibility of fucking her is quietly driving me mad.

“This is probably a stupid question, but can I fuck you?”

“I told you before, Andy, I’m not on the pill and . . .”

“I’ve got a condom.” That stops her in her tracks. Her eyes dart from side to side as she quickly tries to think of another excuse, and then she searches my face while she tries to decide whether she really wants to have another excuse.

“You’ve never fucked another girl before, have you Andy? Do you really want me to be your first?”

“I do.”

Tabatha bridles at the phrase. “Jesus, Andy! We’re not getting married! This is supposed to be just sex.” She rolls off me and flops down on the bed beside me, staring up at the ceiling. I turn to face her, leaning up on my elbow.

“I know! It is, just sex . . . or, it will be.” I jump out of bed and run down the hall to my bedroom to get the vending machine condom from my bottom drawer. When I return, Tabatha is still staring at the ceiling. She hasn’t moved. My erection is bouncing at half mast from the condom dash, but the boom-gate rises again at the sight of her lying naked on her own bed.

“You’ve been planning this for a while, haven’t you?” she says, looking at the square foil packet that I am holding out for her to see.

“Well, yeah.” The bed bounces wildly and the springs squeak as I climb excitedly back beside her. She sits up.

“Let me see that.” She takes the packet from me and examines it to make sure it is unopened. She tears it open with her teeth and examines the condom to see which way to hold it. She seems unsure.

“Do you want me to lie down?” Without waiting for an answer, I lie down.


She tries to pull the condom down over my bulging head, but it won’t unroll. I suggest that even though it looks to be on the right way, she should try the other way.

“It’s ‘cos you’ve got such a big nob!” She sounds mildly exasperated. “Why don’t you try?” After a bit of a struggle, I get it on.

I get up and ask her to lie down.

“You want to get on top?”

“Yeah.” She looks sexy on her back. In spite of that plump arse, her hips are gorgeously narrow. Her stomach creases with folds of skin that have no fat underneath. Her boobs loll around and she squishes them together to produce some cleavage. She grunts and winces as I try to enter her as if she is worried that I am too big and I’m going to hurt her. I’m hard, but she has dried up during the break and the condom catches. I ease in slowly.

I can’t believe I am fucking Tabatha. Her body looks so hot and her pussy feels so strange and new around my cock. It is so much different from her hand or her mouth. These thoughts make me harder. She feels tight and she sighs and moans each time I push in. Her pussy must be getting wetter because my cock starts to slide in and out more easily, and with each stroke I go deeper. We have no gel, so the slipperiness is all her.

In all of our interactions before this, Tabatha has played the role of the experienced older sister, who has her admiring little brother wrapped around her finger. But now I see something I have never seen before. A flicker of doubt or apprehension. At first I think she is having seconds thoughts about letting her brother fuck her. But then I realise that she looks more and more worried the deeper I go.

“Be gentle, Andy. Don’t hurt me.”

I slow down abruptly. The vulnerability in her voice is so unfamiliar that it scares me. “I’m sorry, Tabatha. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“No, it’s OK. Just don’t go too deep too fast.”

The exchange takes the edge off my fast building frenzy and I sit back on my heels to fuck her more slowly and watch my cock going in and out. This is something I have fantasised about for so long, it’s hard to believe I’m actually doing it. Her pussy lips have lost that cute soft pink clam look. They are red and swollen and raw.

She has her knees bent around me and her heels rest against my buttocks. She starts using them to pull my pelvis into hers and then she reaches out with her hands to pull me into her more forcefully. I drop forward on all fours again, with my hands under her armpits and her soft boobs slapping against the inside of my forearms. She grunts as I slam into her harder and harder.

She checks how she looks in the mirror on the door of her wardrobe. Our eyes meet in the reflection and she returns my smile.

I drop down and put my arms under her shoulders. I kiss her shoulders and her neck and finally her cheek. I grind into her.

“Oh Tabatha. You feel so good.”

She kisses me on the cheek and hugs me back.

After a few minutes I hoist myself back up into a more orthodox missionary position. She makes noises like she is in pain or in danger of coming. I’m not sure which, but I assume the latter and keep fucking her. I can’t hold back much longer anyway.

We start to build up a momentum and I feel like I might come soon. She senses it too and we both grunt as the fucking gets more frenzied.

I lose control of my hips in a way that takes me by surprise. I have gotten so used to edging and being in control, but there is no controlling this. My cock strains to bursting point and my pelvis thrashes against hers like a battering ram. My body is trying to make a baby for the first time as desperately as if it will also be the last.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” cries Tabatha, and a thought bubble in my head whispers, “Too deep?” But that only sends me spilling and spurting over the edge.

The bedsprings chant loudly, “Dee-eep! Dee-eep! Dee-eep!” And yet above all the noise of Tabatha and the bed I can hear my own grunts of relief, “Unh! Unh! Unh!”

It was so satisfying. So much more satisfying than any previous orgasm. The clashing of pelvises seemed to release endorphins. I stayed hard even after I had slowed to a stop.

My heart was racing and I was breathing heavily with the exertion. Tabatha lay splayed and still for a few moments. Her thighs were open and sweaty and flushed red where I had pressed heavily against them.

I sighed deeply and said, “Oh Tabatha! That was wonderful!”

But Tabatha’s mind was now on the condom and she pushed me away and looked down to check that it was still in place and intact. It was. The tip drooped with the heavy load. I reached over to the tissue box on her bedside table.

“Don’t take that off in here. I don’t want your cum all over my sheets. Take it off in the toilet and make sure it flushes away.”

I felt a bit hurt by her no-nonsense practicality. I’d just lost my virginity and I was being banished to the toilet.

I still held out hope for an affectionate cuddle when I returned, but Tabatha was sitting up on her bed, wrapped in her pure white bathrobe and working her phone with her thumbs. Her lovely bare legs were crossed at the ankles. She was sitting squarely in the middle of the single bed and there was not enough room for me on either side. She looked up briefly, but didn’t move and resumed her texting.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed?” she said without looking up. “We don’t have time for another one and I don’t want Mum to find you naked in my room when she gets back.”

She looked up only to check that I had heard her and to watch me leave. She gave me that sullen look of old. The look of a teenage girl who is resigned to the fact that she has no choice but to share a house with a tiresome younger brother.

I went back to my own room and got dressed. I felt confused and a bit sick. This business of fucking my sister was not as simple as I had imagined.