The unforgettable Christmas Eve !

It was a pretty cold day on the eve of christmas day . People were
wandering around aimlessly around all corners of the street.Down the road was a
cool,pretty gal dressed in her new t shirt and skirt.It was pretty clear that
she had been waiting there for someone to show up as she glanced at her wrist
watch every 30 seconds.And atlast , there was a smile on her face as a brand
new car stopped by her side.She could at last smile with happiness and she got
into the door as he opened it for her. " What took you so long " asked amy !
" Sorry baby ! I had to make myself free from all my work that I had
been working at for a long time . I am real happy I'm with u now" said mike.
They kissed each other on their lips as they went on their way ….
The car traveled a long way as they were happily talking about their
lives. Amy was such a pretty girl with the most perfect features a girl can
have.She was 22 years old and was doing her final year at school.Her black eyes
and blonde hair upto her neck was so perfect for her features . She had the
perfect size breasts , a nice round ass , sweet rosy lips and an aquiline nose
. Her hips were compact and her legs were long and neat and was now showing off
with the short skirt she was wearing.She and mike have been going on well for a
couple of years by now and they loved each other so much. Mike was a handsome
male as well.He looked a little dark , but his structure
was appealing to almost any girl.He had seductive eyes and cute lips
that would always tempt any girl to kiss it the moment they saw it !!!!
" You look extra – beautiful today Amy .. especially with your short
skirt " mike said !
" Oh really ? So what are u planning to do " asked Amy.
Mike gave a smile from his lips and looked directly into the eyes of
Amy just for a second !
And the next moment , Amy was getting more close to mike and started to
kiss his lips hard !
Mike started to slow down the car and was almost taken back by the
surprise kiss by Amy !
He started to bring his right hand to her showing thighs and massage it
slowly as she was kissing him more harder .Mike couldn't drive any further.He
just stopped the car and found that theirs was the only one on the countryside
drive way !He was pinching her thighs and responding harder to her kisses.
Meanwhile, Amy was getting more intense and started to take her hands to mike's
groin. mike was starting to get an erection and as soon as Amy's hands had
fallen on it …. he was almost bulging sooo hard out of his pants.Amy could
feel his hot breath as he kissed her lips and it was making her more horny as
well.Just as she started to unzip his pants … they could here the sounds of
so many cars behind them.Mike realised that it wasn't the best of
places and started to drive along towards the country club's hotel room. All
through the way Amy was teasing mike .. kissing him , putting her lips on his
neck and making him feel her breath , and licking his neck softly with the tip
of her tounge.She was making it more difficulf for him to drive as she was
smooching his hard cock that was bulging inside his jeans pant ! Atlast , he
made it to the hotel and was by now pulling Amy out of the car and carrying her
by her hips.They were kissing each other with so much of passion
as their lips mashed and sucked each others as they were on the
elevator.Mike took out the key and started to open it … but Amy was to
impatient as she was literally stroking his hard cock.
They got into the room and for the first time mike started to take
over.He pushed her towards the wall and started pressing her hard as she was
leaning towards the wall.His lips found hers and started kissing every part of
her pink lips.His tounge was there swirling inside her mouth and sucking her
tongue as she put her legs around his waist .He took no more time .. he started
removing her t-shirt and her silk bra !as Amy was getting rid of his shirt
.There it was …. her beautiful breasts that was waiting for him to get kissed
sucked and licked !!! He put his mouth to her wild breasts and started kissing
it fully ! He tried to take the whole of her breast into his mouth and it was
almost possible !He was eating up the whole of her breast now and Amy was
moaning deeply from her throat ! His other hand was cupping the other side of
her breast and squeezed it .He was pinching her breasts hard and felt her
nipples getting more harder, erect and sharp ! He took the nipples on his mouth
and the other between his thumb and
started working on it.He was licking the nipples making small circles
around it and screwing the other one !Amy could't stand it … she was enjoying
this so much and was now moving her hips towards his waist! Mike knew what she
wanted and carried her along with him in his waist with her legs tightly wrapped
around it! He came down to the
edge of he bed and made her lie down .He undid his pants and was
showing her his long, erect and hard cockshy removed her skirt and panties and
showed him her clean and shaven pussy.
He got on top of her and was now lying down the 69 ways. He started
kissing her pussy all over not leaving a single corner . She took his throbbing
cock in her hands and was pulling down it's skin with her hands.She took it into
her mouth and started tasting it all over ! He was there licking her pussy wet
and digging his tongue into her pussy.She liked what he was doing and started to
show it by licking the whole of his shaft and the balls too…. Her mouth was
wide open and eating his long cock . He started to get more aroused and
started tasting her clit.He massaged it between his fingers and was
licking it as hard as he could.She was getting more wetter and was trying to
cummm …. He licked away the little of her pre cum as she was sucking his cock
harder !!!! Now .. he came on top of her and started kissing her….. her neck ,
and then licking down her throat . He was nibbling her ears whispering " Amy I
love u ,I love everything in you …. "Her lips were a little dry and he wanted
to quench her thirst ! He looked at the dressing table near by and found a
bottle of whiskey and some ice cubes .He opened the bottle and took little of
it in the cap of the bottle.He pured down the whiskey to her lips drop by drop .
And for every drop that fell on her lips …. her tongue would come out to
taste it. He kissed her tongue every time it came out .But mike did not stop
with this alone , he started to put his fingers into her pussy and started to
finger fuck … finger by finger … and there were 3 of them now and was
fingerfucking Amy as she was drinking
the whiskey on her lips ……Amy was feeling that was the most
horniest part of her life !!!!! She couldn't stand it any longer .. she pulled
him down and said … " mike fuck me now … fuck me hard ! "
" take me mike .. I'm all yours … please … do it to me mike !!!!
please !!! " " I want your cock inside not your fingers !!! please mike !!!! "
Mike threw away the bottle cap and came right on top of her ! He was rubbing his
cock over her wet pussy and felt her lips as the smell of whiskey together with
her lipstick was just great !
He started to get into her as she was moaning hard and his cock was
getting inside her pussy slowly steadily but solo hard !There he was deep inside
Amy's pussy and started to make thrusts at regular intervals. He was driving her
pussy in and out as she put her hands on his back and pinching it .Every time
he moved … she could feel his cock get harder and deeper into her . He started
rocking slowly,but increased his speed as he thrust harder and faster. Amy was
feeling great and was moaning harder and harder " ooooh mike … u r wonderful "
" u make me wild … ride me harder babe ….. fuck me like u have
never … " " ooooh mike please don't stop … i want more and more mike …. "
He was now in the top most speed … riding her pussy as hard as he could and
she was digging her nails into his back and scratching it !!! " oooh mike do it
to me…. harder , faster mmmmmmmhhhhhh " : I want u deeper babe …. more
deeper !!!! ooooooohhh " By now she was ready to climax and mike knew it !
He knew how much she had teased him while he was driving … he didn't
want her to cummm so soon . He suddenly stooped it and sprang out of her ! She
was almost dying now !!! " oooh mike please ! come back ! "
But he now took out an ice cube from the box and started to rub it all
over her body … He put it to her lips and she licked it … He put it to her
neck and throat and now to her breasts he was sliding it along her breast and
the nipples… her nipples were soo hard and were melting the ice quite
quickly.He then took out another ice cube
and was rubbing it down her thighs… she was moaning harder and
begging him to stop teasing her …. He put the ice over her pussy and was
rubbing it hard … She just couldn't stand it any longer …. she pushed him
down to the bed and came on top of him.She arrested his hands over the bed post
and now slid the ice cube over his cock
" how do u like that babe ??? " he was out of the world now and amy began
sucking his hard cock.She got on top of him and undid the rope.She pushed her
pussy to his cock and was rocking happily against his.Mike was pinching her
breasts as amy was digging her nails again .. but this time to his chest . ..
She was riding him fast and at times bent down to lick his neck and chest and
bite the nipples….
He was squeezing her tits harder and she was thrusting harder and
deeper until she wanted him to reach the spot she wanted !!!
" ooooooh mike …. I love this …" "mmmmmmmmhhhhh,ooooohhhh,aaaaahhhhhh "
" mike u are sexy "….. "oooooh…. yyyyyeeeeaaaaaah…… "
" here we goooooo …… "
" I'm gonnna cummmmmm mikkkkeeeee !!!!! "
And there she was riding mike all over and they climaxed at the same
time !!! She lay down panting on him and he kissed her lips and they were
waiting for something to happen again !!!!!!!