trash part 5 the finale

At dinner they eat turkey and Johnny says a prayer. The others talk during the prayer. They eat the turkey viciously and Johnny only gets a leg. Julie hugs him right as he is about to cry. Johnny tells a story of how he was a victim of white slavery perpetrated by Tarea. They claim that the story is too unpleasant to share after he depicts an incident involving felching and mucus. At dinner they argue and drink wine all night. Johnny leaves the table. Julie follows him. Johnny was working on a jigsaw puzzle when Julie knocked it over. Johnny cries for a long time and refuses to leave his bedroom.

After that, Earn beats up Mickey. Mickey tries to kill him, but Earn shoots her five times in the chest. Mickey falls down the stairs dead. Julie is heavily turned on and fucks her father. Johnny gets the baby. He tries to calm it down. It doesn’t stop crying. The baby actually got HIV from breast milk. In order to trick the baby he lets it suck his nipple. The baby doesn’t buy it and screams. He goes upstairs and finds Julie and Earn having sex. He joins in. Earn has a larger penis than Johnny and Julie takes advantage of this. She sucks on him. Johnny fucks his ass from behind. Johnny jacks off. Julie goes over the Johnny to fuck him. Johnny sticks a yard stick up Earn’s ass. Earn spanks him. Julie gets bukkake from the two guys while Mickey lay dead being picked at by flies. Julie steps on Earn testicles and he loves it. Julie pulls his penis to his mouth and makes him suck it. Then she sneezes in his asshole and she puts a cupcake on her pussy. She farts at Johnny. They have wild sex until six in the morning.

The next morning, Earn threatens the couple by putting their baby in a blender. He says he’ll turn it on if they don’t give all they have. Julie calms him down by sucking on him. They kill muskrats for fun and decide that they could all be happy together. Everybody has HIV at this point. Johnny shits in a bucket one morning in front of Earn. Earn is especially aroused as Julie was before when he took a shit. Johnny fills the bucket and pours it on the crops to make them grow. He let out one big long turd. Earn claims it had to be eighteen feet long. Earn gives Johnny flubber, when Johnny says it is his birthday. Johnny realizes that is was a gift. Johnny likes it and keeps it in his man purse. Earn is attracted to Johnny’s huge balls. Each ball is the size of a Clementine. He watches his balls fly up and down when he jacks off. One day he sees Julie getting it doggie style from Johnny in a sand box. Johnny was shaving her hairy legs and licking the ear wax out of her ears while anally fucking her. Julie reached around and shoved her middle finger up his ass and pulled out his prick with the other hand and he comes on her tits. Earn is very aroused but jealous.

Earn went to Trey. Trey says Tarea is dead. Trey wants Earn’s money. Earn doesn’t give it to him. Trey tries to hit Earn with an axe, but Earn grabs an axe and chops Trey in half. He wipes up the floor with Turkish towels and runs Trey’s organs through a paper shredder. Trey’s crack headed wife, Juanita, comes to attack Earn. Earn beats her face in, pulls out her bellybutton and tongue piercings, and throws her in the dishwasher and turns it on. Trey is almost dead and sees that his wife will die to. Earn pours a gallon of whiskey on and around Trey. Earn lights a match and surrounds the area with Styrofoam. Earn sets fire to Trey and burns their apartment down. Tarea’s two year old cousin, Maribel was burned to death when she tried to save Juanita. Earn runs down the stairs trying to evade anyone who would do something about the crime. Earn gets in a car and drives down the road to his house thinking of all the lives he’s mercilessly taken. He crashes through the wall in the house.

Earn wants to faze Julie out. Julie was almost completely clean. She was in the tub touching herself, thinking of her next session with Johnny, when he came in and cut off her hand. He shoved the hand in her pussy. He sticks Johnny’s flubber in her mouth and puts tape over her lips. He drove her out to a field and tied her up. He spit in her mouth and gave her a suppository version of the pill and told her never to follow him. She goes insane from the strong pill and tackles him. He takes her head and pulls it off.

He went home to Johnny in his high state. He told him what he had done. Johnny tried to run away, but Earn broke his arm and forced him to stay. Johnny says he would never be with him. Earn abandons him and leaves him alone. Johnny walks to the forest and sees Julie dead. He is instantly traumatized. Adam crawls over to his Mom and drinks her breast milk which has blood in it. Johnny is punched in the throat by a man who tries to mug him. But the man is hit by a truck and explodes. Johnny takes Adam and intends to live his life alone. He also finds out that Tarea once again escaped death.

Earn meanwhile has sex with his dead daughter and wife. He steps into the mold and it eats his foot. Birds fly in his apartment. He drinks and takes pills all day. His hair falls out and his penis is useless. Snot flows from his nose. He has no tears to cry with. He looks clammy and sweats constantly. He lives in a pile of pickled foods. He sleeps in them. He dies from the fumes. Sykes and Rocket take turns pulling off his limbs.