Jennifer spent the week following the sleepover in a walking daze:
floating around the house, bumping into things, laughing out loud for no
good reason and generally acting as if she were head over heals in
love. She was. Trisha was not just her best friend anymore but a
lover, soulmate, sister, and equal wrapped up in one. They laughed
together, cried together, got mad at each other over the same dumb
things — and made love with an intensity that left her weak and
gasping, clutching feebly at Trisha's body every time they finished.
They were so tight, emotionally and physically, that it was kind of
spooky; but in a good, unscary sort of way. Jennifer had no words to
adequately describe how she felt, and probably would not have had ANY
way to express it if Mark hadn't one day brought home a book of M. C.
Escher prints. That evening, as Mark curled up on the couch with her
explaining the tricks of perception the great master used in creating his
endless staircases and impossible objects, they came across a sketch of
one hand drawing another. It wasn't a mirror image type of thing; one
hand sprung from the tip of a pencil even as it was bringing the other
hand into existence. "That's it!" Jennifer practically shouted. Her
brother had no idea what she was talking about but that was okay,
Trisha would know.
Besides her love for Trisha, Jennifer also came to realize that
Trisha had unlocked something else deep within her. Before Trisha,
Jennifer had only a passing interest in sex. Now she found herself
constantly daydreaming about it; and not only about her and Trisha but
how it would feel to have a boy……..and the dreams would crash into
blank dead ends, leaving her immensely frustrated. Part of it was
simply a lack of experience. She knew how Trisha felt and smelled and
tasted but it was not so easy to transfer those sensations to a male
body. There was also the problem (or maybe it wasn't a problem,
Jennifer wasn't sure) that, when she tried, the image she conjured up
was that of her brother. Her first thoughts were of shock and surprize;
then curiosity at her own reaction. "Well" Jennifer thought to herself
"why shouldn't I daydream of him?" She had always been very close to
Mark and her relationship with Trisha had not changed that. She was
also not blind to her brothers good looks and growing taut, muscular
body. Mark was no longer just her skinny older brother — no siree —
and Jennifer found herself wondering what would have happened if Trisha
*had* said yes that night. And the more she thought about it the more
she became convinced that she and Mark would have ended up doing it.
Right in front of Trisha no less. Jennifer was old enough to recognize
that some of this was simply the deliciously naughty idea of screwing
her own brother. She also knew, with utter certainty, that making love
to Mark could be very, very good. She wanted to tell Mark these things
and several times she tried, but something always held her back. A
voice inside told her (with that same utter certainty) that loving her
brother was not so simple; that fantasizing was one thing but reality
was full of dark, unexpected surprizes. After a while Jennifer (rather
reluctantly) let the matter drop, but it was hardly forgotten. The
struggle between Jennifer's body and mind was not to be resolved until
much later — and under circumstances that neither the girls nor Mark
could have ever imagined.


Despite the thoughts about her brother Jennifer would always
remember those first few weeks as perfect; some of the best times of her
life. Mark kept his wise-cracks to a minimum and her dad accepted
Trisha's constant presence around the house with a friendly smile and
polite (but genuine) interest in her doings. Jennifer was quite pleased
that her father and Trisha got along so well. Actually, Jennifer's
father was pretty sure there was something more than 'friendship'
between the girls but, while not overly thrilled with the idea, he did
his best not to interfere. Having lost his wife early in their marriage
he knew first hand the loneliness of being deprived of a loved one —
and he wasn't about to inflict that pain upon his own daughter.
Unfortunately, Trisha's mom was another matter entirely. What had
started out as unexplained coolness towards Jennifer had turned into
outright coldness, bordering on hostility. Trisha strongly suspected
that her mom had discovered the truth about her sexuality, didn't like
it, and was bound and determined to take that dislike out on Jennifer.
"You sure spend a lot of time with that girl" her mom told her rather
pointedly "are you sure she is the *right* kind of friend?" It didn't
help matters any when she caught the girls necking in the bedroom one
afternoon. She tried banishing Jennifer from the house, but that didn't
last long. As much as she disliked Jennifer she liked having Trisha
sulk around the house like a two year old far less. She did, however,
watch them like a hawk; never giving the girls a chance to be alone.
And of course, as randy teens from time immemorial have done, they took
this as the ultimate challenge……..

As July rolled into August Trisha and Jennifer found themselves
spending a lot of time in the basement/rec-room of Trisha's house. It
was a good place to beat the heat, the 'fridge in the corner provided a
convenient place to stash sodas and, best of all, it was the one place
where they had a little privacy — and during the second week of August
that year the girls needed all three. The weather had turned blazing,
asphalt softening hot, they couldn't get enough to drink, and Trisha had
been out of town on vacation with her folks for the past week and a
half. Sweet little Jennifer was (to put it bluntly) hornier than a
shipwrecked sailor. She desperately wanted to haul Trisha into her
bedroom but her dad was home that week painting the house so Jennifer
had to settle for the rec-room and Trisha's mom's watchful eye. They
had just finished a game of ping pong when Trisha's mom ran down the
stairs for the um-teenth time, checking on the girls.
"This is getting really annoying" Jennifer said to Trisha when she
was sure that her mom was out of ear shot. Trisha leaned against the
ping pong table, idly playing with the paddle, turning one side then the
other against the table top.
"Jenny, did you miss me?" Trisha asked.
"Take a wild guess." Jennifer meant for her answer to be funny,
sort of a playful 'you don't REALLY need an answer to that, do you?' but
she missed. Trisha flinched; hurt from the unintended sarcasm showing
on her face. "Oh dam" Jennifer thought, "I'm so horny I can't even talk
"I'm sorry Trish, that didn't come out right. Look, I'm uh, having
a hard time just standing here talking to you." She paused. "You know
what I mean?"
Trisha nodded. She knew exactly what Jennifer meant. Her whole
body — arms, legs, thighs, nipples, cunny — ached to feel Jennifer's
touch and there was nothing she could do about it, not with her mom in
the house. As if to punctuate the point the sound of her mom's voice
came drifting down the stairs. She was talking on the telephone.
Trisha decided to (sorta) change the subject.
"I had a dream last night" Trisha sighed wishfully.
"About what?"
Trisha paused and then a wicked little smile played across
her lips. "Take a wild guess" she replied.
"You asked for it!" Jennifer yelled, breaking into laughter as she
grabbed her paddle. She went after Trisha in gleeful abandon, grabbing
at her shirt tails and swinging for her friend's beautiful, firm butt as
they scrambled wildly around the corner. Jennifer missed the first
time, connected on the second, and with a yelp Trisha skidded to a stop
and turned around. Too late did Jennifer realize that Trisha was
holding her own paddle. "Oooooh shit" Jennifer said to herself as she
madly tried to reverse course. She didn't want to present her own
backside to Trisha so, like two fencers in a duel, Trisha backed her up
— straight into the wall. "Uncle?" Jennifer pleaded thru her laughter
as Trisha dropped her paddle and took her by the wrists. Slowly Trisha
stretched Jennifer's arms above her head then pinned them to the cinder
blocks. "You give?" Trisha asked in mock seriousness, and at that
moment Jennifer would have given Trisha everything she owned; after a
week and a half of missing her it was SO DAM GOOD to feel her body
again. "Anything you want, baby" Jennifer answered in her best low and
sexy voice, and then Trisha kissed her. Hard.
As intimate and passionate as the girls were with each other they
rarely ever french-kissed, certainty not with the intensity Trisha used
now. Releasing Jennifer's hands she grabbed her friend by the waist,
pulling Jennifer's body tight against her own as she feasted on
Jennifer's full, wet lips. Jennifer, arms now free, wrapped them around
Trisha's neck. Trisha swirled her tongue into Jennifer's open mouth;
grazing the roof, touching the inside of her cheeks before intertwining
it with Jennifer's. Jennifer wanted to swallow the sweet invader whole
but Trisha's lips were so tight against hers that she couldn't get her
mouth closed. She tilted her head forward, breaking the kiss.
"Let me suck it!" Jennifer implored.
Trisha obliged, softening the kiss even as she plunged still
deeper, completely filling Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer gasped for a
final breath then closed her mouth around the soft, wet tongue of her
lover. Trisha's knees buckled. Hungrily, greedy Jennifer sucked as
Trisha fell against her, grinding her mons against Jennifer's leg.
Trisha had put her tounge inside Jennifer's pussy many times but this was
totally different; Jennifer was trying to swallow her, to make their
bodies as one. Just the thought of Jennifer wanting her like this was
an incredible turn-on for Trisha. She shook with want, holding Jennifer
impossibly tight, and it was only when Jennifer began to grey-out from
lack of oxygen that she loosened her grip on Trisha's neck and pushed
her away.
"Ohhhhhh" Trisha breathed, face flush and eyes full of dazed
wonder. She held two fingers to Jennifer's lips, slowly tracing the
outline of her friends mouth. "It's like fucking with our clothes on.
Never felt like that….never….." Her voice trailed into silence as
they held one another.
"Did you come?" Jennifer asked, remembering how Trisha's body had
shuddered when she first started sucking.
"No, I was close though." Trisha lifted her head from Jennifer's
shoulder. "Jenny, I…"
"Jennifer!" It was Trisha's mom again, calling down the stairs.
"That was your father. Your due home in ten minutes, OK?" There was the
hollow bong of a pan hitting the sink. Jennifer glanced up the stairs,
shaking her head. "Just a few more minutes" she pleaded silently.
Trisha continued, her voice barely audible. "I really did have a dream,
Jenny. I dreamed that you were a guy, that you…..had a cock. And you
were deep inside me, so deep in me……"
That was all Jennifer could take; dropping her hand to Trisha's
jeans she fumbled for the snap. Trisha was completely, totally lost in
her remembrances and it was only the feel of Jennifer's thumbs sneaking
under the waistband of her panties that brought her back to reality.
"No, Jenny — my mom" she protested but in one swift motion Jennifer
skinned the panties over her hips, baring her lightly furred mound and
perfectly round ass. The jeans continued down her legs to puddle at her
feet. "Trish, I'm gonna do you" Jennifer whispered as she cupped
Trisha's mons, fingers sliding between the wet lips of her pussy. She
traced the outline of Trisha's cunny from front to back, circled the
opening to her tight canal, then Trisha buried her face into Jennifer's
neck to stifle the moans as Jennifer slowly sank her middle finger deep
into her young vagina. "Ohhhh….yeah!" Trisha groaned. She pawed
at Jennifer's breasts, then the front of her jeans, then lost all rhythm
as a second finger joined its mate inside her body. Trisha started
whimpering, churning her hips as Jennifer withdrew half way then entered
her again. Jennifer rested the back of her thumb against Trisha's
engorged clit, stroking it lightly, finger-fucking Trisha with loving,
passionate skill. At one point Trisha, out of her mind with passion,
rose to her tip-toes then came down hard, driving Jennifer's fingers in
as deep as they would go. "Mu…More!" Trisha groaned. Jennifer's hand
was soaked, absolutely drenched with Trisha's juices, and the slick
cream allowed a third digit to enter the cunt of her lover.
"I'm a guy. Cum for me, Trisha." Jennifer cooed.
With her last rational thought Trisha buried her open mouth against
Jennifer's chest, loosed a silent scream, and came. It was
obliterating. She collapsed against Jennifer, cunny clamped tight about
Jennifer's fingers, writhing against her friend as the longest, best
orgasm of her life took hold. Wave after wave of ecstasy pounded
Trisha's body, buckling her knees, and Jennifer had to grab the back of
her shirt to keep her from sliding to the floor. Jennifer held Trisha
tight, arm clamped around Trisha's waist and fingers buried deep in her
pussy until the shaking and moaning finally ceased. For a long while
afterward Trisha lay propped up against Jennifer's body, panting
heavily, face pressed against her best friends breasts.
"Trish?" Jennifer asked, her lips resting against the top of
Trisha's blond head as one by one she gently removed her fingers "You
alive down there?" Very slowly Trisha nodded yes, then with shaky arms
pushed herself away from Jennifer to stand. She wobbled, legs no more
steady than her arms had been, and Jennifer held onto her until she was
able to stand on her own.
"Oh…WOW!" They said it together, on cue. Trisha giggled, still high
from the climax.
"Jenny, five minutes — and what's going on down there!?" It was
Trisha's mom again, and as Trisha franticly grabbed for her panties
Jennifer retrieved Trisha's pants from around her ankles then put a
finger to Trisha's lips, telling her to be quiet. "Be right there"
Jennifer called back up the stairs, voice bright and full of innocence.
Trisha, hastily tucking her shirt back into her jeans, just shook her
head and laughed. "My love, your toooooo much. God, I don't believe
what we just did!" Then, serious now, she added "What about you?"
Jennifer eyed Trisha, then her still wet fingers, but both girls
knew they had pressed their luck as far as they dared. Reluctantly,
Jennifer shook her head no. "I'll take care of myself later. Besides,"
she added with a sheepish smile "right now if we tried I'd probable yell
the house down." That much was true; when Jennifer came she had a
tendency to scream. Very loudly.
"Okay, if that's what you want. But I warn you — next time I get my
hands on you your gonna cum till you beg for mercy."
Jennifer's face brightened "That a promise?"
A slow and absolutely delicious smile spread across Trisha's face.
Later, sitting at the dinner table with her family, it was quite
obvious Jennifer's thoughts were elsewhere. Her dad was rather puzzled
and he even considered asking her about it, but it would not have done
much good. All he would have received was some answer about 'how to
keep from begging'.


Jennifer stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom,
dressed only in shorts and t-shirt. It was late afternoon, the first
day of the new school year, and Jennifer was imagining herself in the
bright purple and gold uniform of the Rosevelt Jr. High Bobcats. The
school district had started a new girl's soccer league and Jennifer,
more out of curiosity than anything else, had gone to the try-outs. She
had done well and thought she had a good shot at making the 'A' team but
that's not what had her so excited. From the moment she first faced off
with the coach, ball cradled between her feet, Jennifer knew she had
found something very special. It was totally unexpected (as most good
things in life are), but Jennifer had finally found a way to express her
boundless athleticism. Soccer was a challenge, both mental and
physical, and it suited her to a T. What's more, for the first time in
her life she could run and jump and yell (and murder a soccer ball) and
no one would tease her about being a tomboy. She could be as fierce a
competitor as any guy and no one would question it.
She turned sideways to the mirror, admiring her body. Strong young
legs, perfect for running and kicking, ascended to her flat stomach.
Higher up were the small, firm mounds of her breasts, the hard nipples
poking at the thin fabric of her T-shirt. She was starting to
understand why, after every love-making session, Trisha would spend so
much time caressing and touching her. Jennifer had always seen her body
as an athlete would, Trisha saw her body as an lover would; now Jennifer
realized she was really both. Sex and soccer. Yeah, she thought to
herself, its going to be *quite* a school year.
"Hey sis" Mark's voice drifted down the hallway "Trisha's calling."
Jennifer quickly slipped into her high tops and bounded out the bedroom
door, giving the doorjamb a playful slap on the way out. Man — she
felt good! Mark sat on the couch, face buried in a book as he held one
arm out to her, phone dangling. She could hardly wait to tell Trisha.
"Hey Trish, you'll never guess."
"Get – over – here – now." Trisha's voice was jagged, on the verge of
"Wha…What's the–"
"NOW!" Trisha yelled. Jennifer threw the handset at the receiver and
bolted out the door.
Trisha, face tear stained and eyes bloodshot, met Jennifer in the
foyer of her house. "My dad got canned" she said flatly.
"Huh?" Jennifer replied. Now, in addition to being scared half out of
her wits, she was totally confused. "Uh, OK…I'm sorry…" Gradually it
dawned on Trisha that she wasn't making sense. Trisha tried again, this
time from the beginning:
"When I got home from school today daddy was waiting for me. He
said he'd had a meeting with the new owners." Jennifer remembered Trisha
telling her something about the place where her dad worked being bought
out but, at the time, she hadn't paid much attention. Trisha continued.
"These….these buttholes told him they were closing down the local
office. They fired my dad then told him he could re-apply for his old
job back at the old headquarters if….if" Trisha's voice choked "….if
he was willing to move."
"Oh shit." Jennifer breathed. She closed her eyes, knowing what was
"Jenny, were moving back to L. A."
"No" Jennifer said. She was numb with shock. Trisha took her
by the hand and led her into the house, silently walking her across the
living room to the couch.
"No" Jennifer repeated, her voice pleading "You CAN'T be — not when I
love you so."
"As if that makes a difference to them" Trisha replied bitterly.
She collapsed onto the couch, dragging Jennifer down with her, then
burying her face into Jennifer's hair burst into tears. Jennifer,
dimly realizing that her job now was to comfort Trisha, enveloped her
lover in her arms and slowly, gently rocked her back and forth.
Gradually Jennifer's shock turned to dull, unfocused anger. Trisha
— her best friend, her solemate, her love — was hurting and it was
because of what *others* had done; people she didn't know or have any
control over. "It's not fair!" she cried to herself. For the first
time in her life Jennifer had come face to face with the hardness
of the adult world, and it hurt. Silently she cursed: Trisha's
parents, adults in general, and she was about to start in on the
supreme being itself when Trisha's mom strode into the room.
"Trisha, that's quite enough. Jennifer, I think you had better be go…"
She stopped. Jennifer was staring directly at her, dark eyes wide
and piercing. They were not the eyes of a upset thirteen-year old. In
the brief seconds that it had taken Trisha's mom to speak Jennifer's
anger had turned to a deep, permanent resolve. She decided that from
then on she would no longer subject herself to the will of adults *just*
because they were adults. When Jennifer spoke every word was calm,
clear, and shot thru with rods of case hardened steel.
"Mrs. Collins, please go. Your daughter and I would like some privacy."
Trisha's mom took a final look at Jennifer's face, then turned and
walked out of the room. "Tha..thank you" Trisha sobbed quietly into
Jennifer's chest. (Later, Jennifer would mark this event — the
defiance of Trisha's mom — as the beginning of her long, painful
journey thru adolescence and into adulthood. But that's another story.)
It took a while but Trisha's sobs gradually reduced themselves to
occasional sniffles and quick catch breaths. Jennifer took Trisha's
head in her hands and gave her a gentle kiss, on the lip, tasting the
salt of her tears.
"Feel a little better now?" Jennifer forced a smile into her voice.
"A little. Thanks for….being here." Jennifer nodded, took a deep
breath, then judging that Trisha was calm enough to respond without
bursting into tears again asked her when they where moving.
"Real soon — this weekend I think." Trisha replied, still
sniffling. "Dad says were flying to my Aunt Mays on Sunday. He wants
to get me back into my old school then start looking for an apartment.
Moms gonna stay behind to sale the house. Yeah, my love — they got
everything arranged." Again, the bitterness crepted into Trisha's voice.
"Your coming over Saturday, right?" Jennifer said. It was a
statement, not a question. Trisha nodded, nuzzling Jennifer's face.
"I'll be there. Cuddle some more?"
They remained on the couch, comforting one another with hugs and
quiet girl talk for the better part of an hour until Trisha's mom called
her daughter to dinner. Jennifer noted with sour satisfaction that Mrs.
Collins made the announcement from the kitchen. Trisha walked her to
the door and for a while they just stood there; Trisha leaning in the
open door way as Jennifer played with a button on the front of Trisha's
shirt. There wasn't much else to say and the thing that Jennifer really
wanted to do — give Trisha a deep, long kiss — seemed out of place in
front of the neighbors. No, she thought, that will have to wait.
Jennifer said her goodbye then turned to leave when Trisha took her by
the shoulders.
"Jenny, can I ask something of you? Don't say yes until you've heard
"OK, I'm listening" Jennifer replied.
"About Saturday night. Would it be okay with you if I — I invited
Mark to bed with us? For real this time."
For a second Jennifer stared blankly, then her jaw literally
"Don't be mad at me, please" Trisha pleaded "I can't explain right
now. I just want you both."
"Oh jeez" Jennifer stammered "I'm not mad at you, I just never
thought you'd really…" Trisha put a finger to Jennifer's lips, hushing
her. "Just ask him, OK? I'll talk to you tomorrow at school." With that
Trisha closed the door, leaving Jennifer to stare at a pair of intricately
carved wood panels.


Later that evening, sitting crosslegged on the bed facing Mark,
Jennifer told her brother of Trisha's parting comment. He was just as
"But she doesn't even LIKE guys!" he protested.
"Mark, I don't think it's like that at all." Jennifer replied. She
thought back to the afternoon in the rec-room and the other (not so subtle)
hints Trisha had been dropping. "I think she is unsure of herself with
a boy, and maybe a little scared for some reason, I don't know. But she
likes the idea of, well, having a guy put his thing inside her. And I
know for a fact she likes *you* a whole lot."
"When did you know this?!" Mark demanded.
"Well, I wasn't sure until now, but I kinda suspected it all along."
"Oh Jesus Jenny, NOW you tell me!" Mark unwrapped his arms from his
sister and buried his face in his hands. Slowly he shook his head and
uttered an animal-like cry of pain, exasperation, anger, and utter
"Jenny, do you have any — ANY — idea of what I've been going
through? Do you know what it's like spending every weekend lying here
listening to you two fuck your brains out and thinking I'd never have a
chance with her because she's a lezzie!?! Not to mention the fact she's
*your* girlfriend. And now you tell me she wants ME! I DON'T FUCKING
For the second time that day Jennifer was dumbstruck; her brother's
outburst had caught her completely off guard and all she could do was
stare at him in open-jawed amazement. Mark finished his guttural cry
and for a second the two kids sat in stunned silence. Mark wasn't
really mad at his sister (it was just the shock and surprize at what
Jennifer had told him) and when Jennifer's face dissolved into anguish
he realized what he had said and how she had taken it.
"Oh Jenn, I shouldn't have yelled. Are you alright?"
"Nooooo" Jennifer's voice cracked "I'm not. Trisha's leaving
and…..and……OH DAM!" Mark —- hold meeeeeeee…." At last
Jennifer wept, and the tears were hard and bitter.
Much later, as she lay quiet in her brothers embrace, Mark asked if
sharing Trisha would be hard for her. Jennifer took her time before
answering. "No, not with you." she said finally "I mean, your a pretty
neat guy and all and, well –" Jennifer took a big gulp "– sometimes I
want to do it with you too, even if you are my brother." Inside herself,
Jennifer winced. She really hadn't meant to add the last part but in
her upset and emotion it came anyway, without conscious thought.
"Oh." Mark paused "Jenny, I –"
"Shhhh" she hushed her brother. "No more. I shouldn't have said
anything. I'm going to my room and we can talk about it later, OK?"
Gently she removed her brothers arms from around her and slid off the
bed, leaving Mark to sit and stare off into the distance. That night
they slept in separate beds — Jennifer with a lump in her chest where
her heart was and Mark with very confusing and erotic thoughts of his
sister and Trisha.

———- Saturday Night ———–

"Well, what *did* your mom say?" Jennifer asked, full of curiosity.
Trisha tossed her long, blond hair back over her head and laughed.
"Absolutely nothing! I mean, between YOUR dad calling and asking that I
be allowed to come over and MY dad agreeing there wasn't much she could
say, was there?"
Trisha and Jennifer sat in the middle of Jennifer's bedroom floor,
on top of a pile of sleeping bags and blankets pulled from the bed.
Jennifer, dressed in her favorite night shirt and panties, had her legs
sprawled out in front of her while Trisha sat crosslegged between them.
Trisha wore *her* favorite night shirt also, but she was bare
underneath. She had shucked her panties earlier; the crotch being so
soaked with her juices that they were uncomfortable. Oh well, she
thought, I bet Jenny is the same way. She was.
For both the girls and Mark it had been a very, very long week.
Besides the pain of leaving, Trisha had been in constant turmoil over
her decision to tell Jennifer of her desire for Mark. She did not want
anything to come between her and Jennifer, not when she needed her lover
so badly, and it was only after a long talk with Jennifer Friday after
school that Jennifer convinced her that everything was okay. Mark,
scared that he would say or do something that would make Trisha change
her mind (not that Trisha had any intention of doing so), became very
quiet. At school he hardly spoke to Trisha at all. It was only that
very evening, sitting on the couch watching TV with Trisha, that Mark
was finally able to convince himself that it all was true.
As for Jennifer, she had spent the late night hours that week
waiting, wondering and fantasizing. She was not jealous of Mark, nor
did she love Trisha any less. In fact, the thought of Mark's lean, hard
body on top of Trisha, his cock deep inside the precious cunny she knew
so well, was as powerful and erotic a turn-on as she could imagine. It
was as if, thru her brother, she could make her sexual union with Trisha
complete. Jennifer was also turned on, and a little scared, about what
would happen if she and Mark ended up with Trisha together. Jennifer
had caught the look in Mark's eyes when earlier she confessed of her
thoughts about him. There was surprize, and something else she could not
name. It took a while but she finally figured it out. Relief. As in:
'at least I'm not the only one'. Jennifer knew that if she and her
brother ended up in the same bed together, naked and willing and with
Trisha as a catalyst, there would be no stopping them.
"So, what did your brother say when you told him?" Trisha asked.
Now it was Jennifer's turn to laugh. "He couldn't believe it." She
told Trisha of the scene in his bedroom. "I think Mark has a thing for
you. I mean, it's more that just the sex part — he truly likes you."
Trisha mulled Jennifer's comments over for a bit.
"You know, you're really lucky having a brother and all. Especially
one like him." Trisha smiled. "You love him, don't you?"
"Of course — he's my brother." Jennifer answered, puzzled. She searched
Trisha's face, looking for clues as to what she was up to. Sometimes
Trisha could be so indirect…..
Trisha slowly unfolded her legs and got to her knees, then took
Jennifer's hand and helped Jennifer to hers. This position, kneeling
before each other, was the signal to began undressing and Jennifer
automatically reached for Trisha's night shirt. Trisha intercepted her
"Wait." Trisha hesitated before continuing. "Mark told me something
today. About how you feel about him. Is it true?"
Jennifer stared into the light blue eyes of her best and deepest
friend. She had never told Trisha of her desire for her brother — she
thought her secret too weird, too unnatural — but she could not lie,
could not deny it. Having Trisha's speak her desire made it more real,
somehow. She nodded her head yes, unable to speak.
"Yes" she answered, her voice a whisper.
"Pretend I'm Mark." With that Trisha leaned over and kissed her.
For Jennifer, the arousal was instant and overwhelming. She threw
her arms around Trisha's body, dragging her to the blankets, then Trisha
rolled on top and plunged her tongue into Jennifer's mouth. Franticly
Jennifer tugged at Trisha's night shirt, pulling it up her back. Trisha
broke the kiss long enough for Jennifer to jerk it over her head, then
Trisha was again soul-kissing her as Jennifer struggled to free Trisha's
arms from the tangles. They were both wild, almost out of control. "Oh
God" Jennifer moaned into Trisha's mouth "slow down, please!" Gradually
Trisha softened the kiss and Jennifer rolled them both onto their sides.
Trisha finally unglued her mouth from Jennifer's and dropped her head to
the pillow.
"Trish –" Jennifer panted "how…why…I'm so turned on!"
"Me toooooo." Trisha's eyes were wide and round "Don't stop…"
Jennifer rolled Trisha onto her back and began a slow descent to
her cunny. She licked the hollow of Trisha's neck, just as Trisha
taught her, then very lightly trailed her mouth across Trisha's chest;
her tongue a soft, wet-footed butterfly alighting upon Trisha's nipples.
Jennifer lapped one ridged spike as she ran her open palm across the
other, then the butterfly turned to hot wetness as Jennifer took the
whole of Trisha's budding mound into her mouth. Trisha arched her back,
offering Jennifer as much of her breast as she could take. Jennifer's
hand left the other nipple and did slow circles down Trisha's stomach,
past her naval, coming to rest atop the soft fur crowning her pubis.
Trisha spread her legs and Jennifer's hand completed its journey,
slipping between Trisha's thighs to cover her damp pussy. Slowly
Jennifer worked a finger between the parting lips; touching Trisha's
clit, probing the entrance to her vagina, stroking Trisha the length of
her moist slit. Trisha was almost overwhelmed by the twin sensations of
Jennifer's soft sucking and gentle fingering. She moaned, hips bucking
towards Jennifer's hand, and when Jennifer's mouth finally left her
nipples to roam down her stomach Trisha whimpered in anticipation. Ever
so slowly Jennifer slid down Trisha's body, lips tracing the soft flesh
till she lay between Trisha's spread-eagle form, mouth poised above her
cunny. Jennifer carefully spread the pudgy, young-teen lip, paused
briefly to blow warm air across her clit and mound, then stuck her
tongue deep into Trisha's moist labia. With a gasp Trisha drove her
hips forward, burying Jennifer's face in the apex of her crotch. Madly
Jennifer tongued Trisha's pussy; rimming her vagina, darting her tongue
in and out of the wet inner folds, flicking her tongue across the
swollen ridge of Trisha's clit until Trisha finally climaxed — cumming
hard, cumming long, in waves that wouldn't stop. Trisha bucked wildly,
her whole body shaking as Jennifer clamped her mouth around Trisha's
pussy and sucked, riding Trisha to one orgasm after another. It seemed
to take forever for the climaxes and aftershocks to cease. When they
did Jennifer gave Trisha's vulva a final wet, loving kiss then slowly
she crawled up Trisha's body, resting her chin on Trisha's chest.
Trisha lay staring at the ceiling, panting to catch her breath.
"Good?" Jennifer smiled.
"Gawd, YES!" Trisha exclaimed in wonder, "It just kept going —
thought it would never stop."
"Mmmmmm" Jennifer sighed "that's neat when that happens." Trisha giggled
and Jennifer smiled, recalling pleasant memories of Trisha doing the
same for her. With long, lazy caresses she trailed her fingers across
Trisha's chest then down her sides. "Want some more?" she inquired.
"Sure…yeah!" Trisha replied. Jennifer, not bothering to wait for
Trisha's response, was already half way down Trisha's body when she felt
the hand on the top of her head.
"Wait –" Trisha whispered "come around here. I wanna lick your
pussy some too."
They didn't try sixty-nine very often, for Jennifer it was a bit
awkward, but tonight was special and Jennifer didn't have to be asked
twice. Scrambling to her knees she lifted her nightshirt off and flung
it aside, then Trisha rose onto one elbow and together they pulled
Jennifer's .sodden panties down over her hips. Both girls stopped, in a
trance, staring at the cleft in Jennifer's hairless mons — it glistened
with moisture in the pale white light from a street lamp outside the
window. "It's so beautiful" Trisha whispered in awe. "God, I am *so*
wet" Jennifer whispered back as she pulled her panties the rest of the
way off and tumbled down next to Trisha. Quickly she scooted around to
face Trisha's feet then, climbing over Trisha's prone body, lowered her
bare cunny to the waiting mouth of her lover.
Their oral-lovemaking was unhurried and gentle. Trisha caressed
the folds of Jennifer's cunny with her tongue while Jennifer contentedly
lapped and sucked Trisha's clit and pussy lips; both girls savoring the
special taste and smell of their young, girlish sex. "You taste so
good…so sweet" Trisha mumbled into Jennifer's cunny at one point.
Jennifer grinned then dropped her head lower, slurping Trisha's tangy
juices as she tongued the entrance to Trisha's vagina. Trisha had the
same idea; slowly she licked her way up Jennifer's inverted slit till
her face pressed against the cheeks of Jennifer's bottom. Jennifer
moaned softly as Trisha's tongue probed her cuntal opening. It was so
tight! "Wait…" Jennifer groaned impatiently, then lifting her body off
of Trisha's reached back and grabbed her own cunny. Trisha watched,
utterly fascinated, as Jennifer slowly sank her middle finger into her
pussy, wiggled it around, then withdrew. "OK, now you do it." Jennifer
whispered. Trisha hesitated, then slipped two fingers into Jennifer's
wet tunnel. "Yeah — do it!" Jennifer coaxed in a voice drunk with
passion — and moments later Jennifer was rewarded with the feel of
Trisha's soft-stiff tongue entering her vagina. "Ooohhhhh YES" Jennifer
groaned "I wanted this!" She could no longer concentrate on licking
Trisha, instead she leaned her forehead on Trisha's mons and let her
partners slow, sensuous tongue-fucking drive her towards climax. When
Trisha began fingering her clit it was all over. Jennifer buried her
mouth in the wet folds of her lovers pussy and screamed, every muscle in
her young, athletic body clenched in orgasm. She came in waves; long,
powerful swells that shook her to the very core. Trisha, griping the
cheeks of Jennifer's bottom tightly, held her tongue inside Jennifer's
vagina and didn't withdraw it until Jennifer's body started to relax.
As the orgasm faded Jennifer felt Trisha's tongue slipping out of her;
she raised her head and howled. Then, with her remaining strength, she
crawled around to face Trisha. "I love you" she said, then collapsed;
face buried in the hollow of Trisha's neck.


"Jenny?" Trisha inquired softly.
"Mmmmmm" She was drifting, half asleep, her legs and arms still
entwined with Trisha's.
"Mark's here."
Earlier that evening the girls had approached Mark with a request
for some time alone with each other first, and after a few half-hearted
protests he agreed. He was going to wait for the light in his father's
bedroom to go out but after hearing his sister's orgasmic howl (screw
it, he thought, dad's *gotta* know what's going on) he decided enough
was enough and padded down the hall to their room. Now he sat at the
foot of Jennifer's blanket, staring in wide eyed wonder at his sister
and her lover. In the dim light their bodies merged; two torsos wrapped
together, arms and legs lost in the dark shadows. As Mark watched the
shapes slowly separated and one became two again as Jennifer
disentangled herself from Trisha and rolled over.
"Mark?" Jennifer said softly.
"Thanks. Thanks for waiting, I mean."
"It's okay" he replied. "I, uh, hope you enjoyed yourselves."
"Yes Mark, we did" she answered dryly. Trisha giggled.
Mark took his sister by the hand, interlocking fingers as was their
ritual, and helped her sit up. Trisha propped herself up on her elbows
and for a few moments the three kids stared at one another, Mark
glancing back and forth from his sister's small, firm tits to the tuft
of blond hair covering Trisha's pubis. At first Trisha was a bit
uncomfortable with Mark's open stare but Mark's complete, childlike
fascination with her body was evident and she soon relaxed. In fact,
Trisha found herself rather enjoying the attention. It was the first
time a boy had ever seen her completely naked and she realized, quite
suddenly, that for the time being she was in control. She spread her
legs wider and Mark sucked a quick breath.
"It looks so neat — and wet!" His remark was so genuine, so
absolutely innocent that Trisha broke into open laugher. Jennifer joined
her and even Mark, when he realized what he had said, smiled at himself.
"OK, loverboy" Trisha chuckled, gently teasing him "you saw mine,
now show us yours."
Mark scrambled to his feet then, crossing his arms in front of his
body, grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. For a
second or two he held his arms high and it was the girls turn to suck
air. Mark's stomach was hard and flat; complete with a thin line of
dark hair running from the top of his jeans to just below his naval.
Trisha could barley make out his ribs, covered as they were with a sheet
of velvety muscle, and even with his arms above his head Mark's pecs'
were clearly defined. With a flick of his wrist he tossed the t-shirt
aside then dropped his arms, his large hands cupped gracefully by his
side. Slowly Mark unsnapped his jeans, one button at a time, then
holding the fly open pushed them down his legs. When he straighted up
again the bulge in his underwear was clearly visible.
"Mmmmmmm" Trisha said softly "Nice."
Hooking his thumbs under the waistband of his briefs he worked them
over his hips; performing an impromptu strip-tease for the girls until
the head of his penis got hung up on the waistband. He reached into his
underpants and pulled the ridged shaft close to his body, then with his
other hand pulled the Jockeys away and let them fall to his feet.
Finally, stepping out of his now discarded pants and underwear, Mark
dropped the hand covering his member and revealed himself in all his
stiff-cocked, fourteen-year old glory.
Trisha was absolutely transfixed. Unlike his sister, Mark was well
into puberty. A dense patch of pubic hair surrounded the base of his
cock while a finer moss covered the loose sack of his testicles. His
dick was maybe 6 inches long, but to Trisha's eyes (accustomed as she
was to thinking in terms of fingers) it looked enormous. Mark slowly
sank to his knees. Trisha didn't speak or move, she just kept her eyes
glued to Mark as he took his cock into his hand and began jacking the
shaft. Jennifer's voice broke the silence.
"I think I'll, uh, go outside or something."
Jennifer started to get up but Trisha, her eyes never leaving Mark's
body, grabbed her by the hand and jerked her back to the blankets.
"Oooffffff — Hey!"
"Your staying put." The tone of her voice left no doubt Trisha was
very serious. "Mark" she continued, finally removing her gaze from his
crotch "wait a second, I wanna talk to your sister."
Jennifer opened her mouth to protest but after taking a good look
at Trisha's face swiftly closed it. Trisha was aroused alright — her
shallow, quick breathing and flowering cunny left no doubt about that —
but Trisha was also worried, or frightened, or both. She leaned over and
whispered in Jennifer's ear "Jenny, please stay here. This isn't easy
for me."
Jennifer didn't know what to do. She had never seen Trisha act
this way — if anything it was Trisha who was the adventuresome one, the
one with the secret, whispered ideas for late night loving. She reached
for Trisha and gently stroked her cheek, trying to put her questions
into touch. Trisha looked down, away from Jennifer's steady gaze.
"Whats wrong?" Jennifer kept her voice low so Mark wouldn't overhear.
Trisha did not reply.
Jennifer sighed, trying to hide her exasperation. "Trish, come on —
out with it."
"Alright." Trisha replied slowly. "But you two gotta promise —
and I mean REALLY promise — that what I say doesn't get around. Not to
my folks, not to your dad, not anybody." Brother and sister nodded.
Trisha turned to Jennifer.
"Remember I told you about my first girlfriend, Nicole. Well, she
had this older brother. I can't even remember his name now, all I know
is that he turned out to be a real…whatever. He was always bossing
Nicole around, yelling at her all the time, but he was really nice to me.
Treated me like a real grown up person and not some dumb kid."
"Your not dumb, Trisha." Jennifer interjected.
"Ohhhh…I was then." Trisha replied, shaking her head. "Anyway —
one day I came looking for her and when she didn't answer the door
I went out back to the pool and he was there. Sunning himself. He said
Nicole wasn't home but I was welcome to stick around so we started
talking and splashing around in the pool — just, you know, having a good
time — and then he asked me if I wanted to 'do some stuff' with him. I
don't think he knew about Nicole and I. Like I said he was always real
sweet to me and…..I was kinda curious, you know." Trisha stopped,
glanced sideways at Jennifer as if asking her permission to continue.
"Go on" she said softly.
"We did 'some stuff' then I let him…..let him put his hand down
my pants. He tried…with his fingers……Oh Jenny, he hurt me!
And he wouldn't stop, not until I told him I would scream." Trisha's
voice was edged in pain and again Jennifer reached for her, this time to
embrace her but Trisha pushed her away. "No, let me finish!" Trisha
implored. She took a ragged, deep breath, composing herself. "Then he
got real mad and frustrated and I got outa there as fast as I could. I
was really scared and angry at him and pissed off at myself — like I
had done something to cause it. I know it not true but that's what I
thought!" She stopped, and when she continued again her voice was very
soft and far away. "I never told Nicole, never told anybody until now."
There was a long and uncomfortable silence.
"Oh jeez, I never knew" Mark whispered, clearly stunned.
"What an asshole" was Jennifer's response.
"Sorry guys" Trisha said, glancing now at Mark "I didn't mean to
bum everyone out. But Mark, when I saw you naked and….hard like that
it all came back. I still wanna, you know, do it with you but you just
gotta take it slow and easy with me, okay?" Solemnly, Mark nodded yes,
then turned to his sister, as if waiting for her to make the first move.
Jennifer, lost in her own thoughts, did not respond.
"Well, are you two just gonna sit there?…." Trisha finally asked.
Jennifer scooted behind Trisha and put her arms around her,
pressing her breasts against Trisha's back. Whatever happened that
evening, Jennifer was going to stay with her love. Mark knelt before
the pair and took Trisha's hands in his, guiding them to his chest.
With Jennifer's support Trisha began to relax a little and explore
Mark's body. She ran her fingers over Mark's ribs, feeling each one in
turn, then with an open hand traced the contours of his stomach and
chest. When she rubbed his nipples Mark shuddered in pleasure. Leaning
forward a bit she reached around behind Mark and ran her hands down his
back, finger tips tracing the ridge of his spine. Mark sat very still
as Trisha played with his ass, softly caressing and squeezing the firm
cheeks. Mark finally took her hands again and led them around to his
lap to his testicles. "Be easy now…." he cautioned as Trisha cupped
them in her palm. She hefted their weight, rolling the twin gonads
between her fingers. Trisha knew how sensitive a guys balls were;
the fact that Mark trusted her enough to let her play with his both
calmed and, strangely enough, aroused her even more. She fondled Mark's
sack for a while then her hands started roaming again; this time thru
the thick pubic hair to the base of his cock. Taking a deep breath in
anticipation she closed her fingers around Mark's manhood. It was like
holding a warm iron bar encased in velvet. "Is this right?" she
exhaled, and Mark nodded. Putting his hand around Trisha's he guided
her fist up and down the shaft. "Like this…" he whispered "….put
your thumb….here…..yeah…that's right, you got it." She leaned her
forehead against Mark's chest and with long, slow stokes masturbated
him. Every time Trisha brushed the head of Mark's cock he jumped and
let out a small moan; Trisha liked this, liked to hear Mark's
excitement. She started milking the pre-cum from his cock; soon her
palm was smeared with the thick juice. Slowly straighting up to look at
Mark, Trisha brought her fingers to her lips and tasted.
"It's salty!" she said in surprize.
Mark nodded and smiled. "Yeah, I know. Do you mind it?" he asked.
Trisha thought for a moment. "It's OK. It's not like pussy though."
She grinned, and behind her Jennifer blushed furiously.
"Do you want to, uh….um — suck it?" Mark whispered, looking at
her expectantly. Trisha, after a moments hesitation, nodded assent.
"Give me some room" she said over her shoulder to Jennifer, and as
Jennifer scrambled out of the way Trisha stretched out on her stomach,
resting her arms across Marks legs with his cock directly in front of
her face. Trisha didn't know quite where to start, she didn't want to
just stick the whole thing into her mouth at once, so she did what came
naturally; she licked. "Yeah…..feels gooooooood" Mark sighed as
Trisha ran her tongue up and down the hard shaft, covering it with
saliva. She scooted up a little further and licked some more, this time
swirling her tongue around the head, licking it clean. Mark was REALLY
moaning now, urging Trisha to suck. His hands were at the back of her
head but Trisha shook them off; she was not going to be forced. Once
more she eyed Mark's cock from above, it's sightless hole starting back
at her. She paused, then lowered her head and took the glands into her
mouth. For a moment she remained poised, holding his cock-head between
her lips, then with a slow, deliberate thrust opened wide and filled her
mouth with Mark's sweet, hard meat. It was GOOD: powerfully, deeply
satisfying. She was in complete control, giving Mark pleasure, holding
his very manhood between her teeth. She took as much of Mark as she
could; not stopping until his cock was against the back of her throat.
She back off a bit then slowly started bobbing her head up and down,
feeling every ridge and vein as they slid past her lips.
"Oh, God….you look so sexy!" It was Jennifer; she had crawled
beside Trisha and now, totally mesmerized, watched her brother's cock
glide in and out of her lover's mouth. Trisha grinned (or at least
tried to — she was pretty stuffed) then brushed her hair out of the way
so Jennifer could get a better look. She gave Mark a few more head bobs
then raised her face. Mark's wet dick popped out her mouth and slapped
against his belly. Trisha rolled over.
"OK" she said, purring softly. "My turn."
For Jennifer, the sight of Trisha giving Mark head was it; any
remaining modesty, any remaining shyness about letting her brother watch
was simply blown away. She crawled between Trisha's legs and flopped
down on her stomach. Trisha, feeling Jennifer head between her thighs,
moaned in sweet delight and while Mark began his hurried and passionate
exploration of Trisha's body Jennifer closed her eyes and concentrated
on loving Trisha. Nothing existed for Jennifer except the strong, musky
taste of girl sex and feel of Trisha's wet vulva against her mouth.
This time their oral embrace seemed to last forever and she was deep
into Trisha's cunny, wiggling her tongue into Trisha's vagina when she
felt her brother's hands in her hair. She opened her eyes.
"Can I try?" Mark asked softly. His head rested on Trisha's
stomach, face inches from hers. Slowly Jennifer removed her tongue from
Trisha's pussy then, raising her head, rested her chin on Trisha's mons.
Mark's face was a blur, and as she closed her eyes again Mark kissed
Sheets of lightning shot down Jennifer's body and exploded between
her legs. "Oh God!" she thought "I'm gonna DIE!!" She grabbed Mark's
hand and they clasped fingers, tightly, grinding their palms together in
imitation of what she wanted their bodies to be doing. Mark's other
hand was at the back of her head, holding her mouth tight to his and she
rubbed her face against Mark's, smearing cunt juices and saliva all over
his chin. Mark's tongue touched her lips and more lightning hit her.
Jennifer shook with want; pure, lust-want for her brother. She moaned
and clenched and trashed about and when Mark finally loosened his grip
on the back of her head she slipped from his grasp and rolled over, legs
"Sweet Jesus" he whispered horsily. Jennifer was on her back
staring up at him, her eyes wide and round. He looked at her in
disbelief; the shear intimacy of what they had done finally starting to
register. He knelt on all fours, at right angles to Trisha's body,
listening to his sisters low, guttural moaning. Trisha took his arm.
"Mark" she said softly "tend to your sister. I'll wait."
For a long while nobody moved, nobody said anything. Jennifer
finally rolled away from the pair and sat up, then wobbled to her feet
and stumbled over to the window.
Jennifer was shaken, her body and mind reeling. She wanted her
brother so much, wanted to feel his cock inside her yet now she realized
— with a clarity beyond question — that it was wrong. Not in the way
others would call it wrong but nevertheless wrong. It would change the
relationship between her and Mark forever. She could no longer curl up
to him in the evenings without them both thinking of sex. She would no
longer feel comfortable telling him of her dreams, thoughts and desires.
To have sex with him meant risking something as dear and as precious to
her as Trisha's love was. Would Mark know that; would he understand?
She waited by the window, head bowed as one might wait for a final
judgement. He came up behind and put his arms around her.
"Turn around" he said softly.
Jennifer did a slow pierrot in his arms, putting her head against his
chest. Mark smelled of sex — sweat, cunt juices, male musk — and
between that and his hard, muscular body she trembled with want. Jennifer
wrapped her arms around her brother, holding on to him for support as
her knees grew weak.
"I'm scared" Jennifer whispered.
"I know" Mark answered. Jennifer looked up into his dark, calm eyes.
"He knows?" she thought. "Oh, please let it be so…."
"Mark, I love you. After watching you and Trish I want you so
bad my whole body aches. But I'm scared, scared of……of losing you.
Of losing a brother. If we do it, if we become, you know, lovers can
you still be a brother to me?"
Mark did not reply. Jennifer continued to gaze at him, wishing
desperately she could read his mind. She waited. Mark took a deep
breath then exhaled slowly thru pursed lips.
"No, I can't."
It was simple and direct and, at that moment, Jennifer never loved
him more. Mark understood. The rest was anti-climatic.
"Everything would change between us, right?" Jennifer asked.
"Yeah." Mark replied "Do you want that?"
"No." Jennifer answered. Mark nodded in acknowledgment and
Jennifer's body went slack. She realized now how tense she had been;
later Trisha would find the claw marks on his back where she had been
clutching. They held each in silence; Mark running a hand thru her
hair, Jennifer's leaning her head against Mark's chest and listening to
his heart beat.
"Can we still, uh, kiss and touch each other — at least for tonight?"
Mark asked.
"OK. Yeah, I would like that." Jennifer replied. "You can, like, help
Trisha make me cum. But no more than that, big brother."
Together they walked back to the blankets and knelt on either side
of Trisha, Jennifer blowing a huge sigh of relief as her knees settled
next to Trisha's head. Trisha had gotten the gist of their conversation;
now she waited impatiently for Mark. Mark was also tired of waiting; he
had been erect for so long it was starting to hurt. He gave Trisha a
few quick caresses then with little fanfare started climbing over
Trisha's body.
"Oh no, loverboy" Trisha said, stiff-arming him "*I'm* on top." She
pushed Mark onto his back then rolled over and swiftly straddled his
waist, her pussy coming to rest directly atop his erection. Mark
groaned. Trisha leaned over and with a soft laugh brushed her long hair
over his face. She was like some big cat, playing with her prey. Mark
shoved her back and for a moment they locked arms in a play wrestle.
"Trish" he panted "why do you always call me 'loverboy'?"
"'Cuse — I want to." She answered, grinning and breathing heavy.
"Suppose I get you pregnant?"
That stopped the wrestling. Mark had wanted to ask Trisha earlier,
but things happened so fast after he arrived that he didn't have the
chance. Now, when he very badly need to get her attention, the question
had popped into his head again.
Trisha was still leaning over Mark, hair dangling in his face, but
her playful grin was gone. She dropped her head to his chest. "You
can't" she said. "I, uh, haven't….you know….started having my
period yet." Her voice was low and soft and she sounded terribly
"That's nothin' to be ashamed about." Mark said.
"It just….real personal, thats all." Then she added "You wouldn't
"Trisha, look at me." Marks voice was soft but firm, and underneath
was hurt and sadness and maybe a little anger. Slowly Trisha raised her
head. "I'm about to fuc….make love to you. That's pretty personal,
isn't it? Look, Trish: I'll do whatever you say, but I am not a
plaything. This means a lot to me too."
Trisha stared into the eyes of Jennifer's brother, then dropped her
head again. She realized Mark was right; in her desire to keep control,
to make herself safe she had put him down, forgotten that he was as much
a part of this as Jennifer was. She wanted to tell him she understood
his hurt but she did not trust her voice. Her head remained bowed until
Mark placed his hands on either side of her face. "Alright — it's
okay" he said, then he guided her mouth to his and kissed her, full on
the lips. Trisha slowly collapsed, laying herself on top of Mark's
body. Mark began to move his hips.
At first it was hard for Mark to get the motion right; his cock
kept sliding down Trisha's moist slit or up into the cheeks of her
bottom. He moaned in frustration. "Here — let me" Trisha grunted as
she reached behind her to guide Mark's cock towards her vagina. Once
more he thrust and this time connected; his cock head now pressed firmly
against Trisha's tight opening. Trisha froze, her breathing swallow and
fast. Mark stared intently into Trisha's face. "Be gentle with me…."
she whispered, nodding her head yes.
With slow, exonorable progress Mark entered Trisha's body. Gently
but steadily he pushed; first wedging his cock head into Trisha's tight
entrance then ever so slowly opening her up. He groaned, he strained,
Trisha pushed back and the head finally popped past the opening. Trisha
gasped, lost in a sweet mixture of pain and pleasure.
"Oh God, it feels so BIG!" she moaned.
"'Cuse your so dammed TIGHT!" Mark groaned back in response.
They stopped for a moment, Trisha resting her chin against Mark's
chest. Mark ran his hands thru Trisha's hair, brushing it from her
face, staring into the eyes of his sister's lover. Trisha sat up a
little, supporting herself on her hands. "C'mon babe" she whispered
"keep a-pushin'". She was smiling again, half drunk on sex and the feel
of Mark's warm shaft inside her. Her pussy was relaxing, the natural
juices really starting to flow, and when Mark started moving again he
quickly filled her young vagina, burying himself to the hilt. "Oh MAN,
this feels good" Trisha moaned as she ground her clit against Mark's
thick pubic mat. They were locked together, wet sex to wet sex, Trisha
trying to shove Mark deeper. He dropped his hips to the blankets then
plunged into her again. "Fuck meeeeeeee!" Trisha wailed, throwing her
head back in ecstasy. Mark, finally getting the rhythm, pistoned his
teenage cock in and out of her body.
All the while Jennifer had been kneeling next to Mark's head and
when Trisha threw her head back Jennifer bent over and covered Trisha's
mouth with her own, stifling any further cries. They kissed; wet and
sloppy and with lots of tongue. For Jennifer it was as if she were
fucking Trisha as well. Her hands were everywhere; tugging at Trisha's
swollen nipples, caressing her back, sliding down her stomach. "Oh
Jenny!" Trisha gasped when she realized what Jennifer was up to.
Jennifer cupped her mons and with rapid, feathery strokes fingered her
clit. With her pussy full of Mark's cock and her mouth full of
Jennifer's tongue the added sensation was to much. Ripping her mouth
from Jennifer's Trisha collapsed onto Mark's body and came.


Mark, desperately gripping Trisha's writhing body, could not
believe the shear intensity of Trisha's orgasm. Trisha clawed at his
shoulders, then bit his chest, then seconds later he joined Trisha in
climax. "I'm CUUUUUUMMMMMMING…" Mark yelled as the semen spilled from
his cock. Hot wetness spread throughout Trisha's cunny and she
shuddered as a second, quick orgasm shot thru her. Mark kept pumping
his hips and squirting and Trisha, riding Mark's bucking pelvis, thought
he would never stop. He finally did, but not before burying himself
deep into Trisha's vagina as he emptied the last of his seed into her
drenched pussy. When he finished he had just enough strength left to
wrap his arms around Trisha's limp body and roll them both onto their
sides. Jennifer fell down next to Trisha and threw her arms over the
pair, holding them both as tight as she could. Thus they remained;
Trisha cradled between the two, softly repeating Mark's name over and


After Mark and Trisha recovered there was little talk. The girls
would occasionally reach across and fondle one another but mostly they
lay quiet in the afterglow; Trisha wedged in between Mark's hard body
and Jennifer's softness.
"Sooooo good" Trisha finally broke the silence. "To have both of
you…" She smiled at Jennifer. "That was my favorite fantasy, you
"I know." Jennifer replied "It was mine also."
"Mine too" Mark added with a grin.
When the laughter died down Trisha asked Jennifer if there was
anything she could do for her. Jennifer closed her eyes. "Ummmm…do
you have enough left to make me come once more?"
"Yeah, sure. Mouth or hand?"
"Oh, a little of both I guess. Save your mouth for last though."
With lots of touching and rubbing of bodies Jennifer and Trisha
exchanged places. "Let Trish do the work" Jennifer murmured as she
settled in next to her brother "but when I come I wanna feel your
body all over me, got it?"
The took turns with her. Mark was hesitant and a bit shy at first
but as he watched Trisha and Jennifer exchange passion filled
soul-kisses he understood. With gentle hands he cupped his sisters
breasts, pulling at the stiff nipples with thumb and forefinger while
Trisha slithered down Jennifer's body to licked her firm cones.
Jennifer groaned, lolling her head back and forth as Mark scooted up her
body to replace Trisha. For a few crazy seconds brother and sister
stared at each other then Jennifer grabbed Mark's head and mashed his
mouth over hers. Trisha, watching Mark's cheeks concave around his
sisters tongue, realized what Jennifer must have felt like when watching
her suck Mark's cock.
"Jeez, it *is* sexy" Trisha whispered. Mark broke the kiss long
enough to turn and give her a lopsided grin. Jennifer, totally lost in
the moment, groaned louder.
Trisha's hand finally made its way to Jennifer's bare cunny but she
had barley touched Jennifer's clit when Jennifer arched her back and
came; a small, silent orgasm that caught everyone off guard. "Some more
— please?" Jennifer asked after she caught her breath. Trisha and Mark
exchanged glances, then while Trisha slid down Jennifer's body to kneel
between her legs Mark very carefully lay his body across his sister's.
With broad, long strokes of her tongue Trisha lapped Jennifer's pussy,
tasting one last time the sweet juices of her lover's cunny. Mark
caught the scream in his mouth and then Jennifer, exhausted and
completely sated, fell asleep in her brother's arms.


It was the warm September morning sun on her face and Trisha's soft
voice that finally woke her.
"Dam! — I wish he wouldn't do that."
Slowly and very stiffly Jennifer rolled over and opened her eyes.
Trisha sat up on her elbows, staring at the pillow that lay between her
and Jennifer. All that remained of Mark's presence was a depression
where his head once lay.
"G'Morning" Jennifer managed.
"Good morning, my love" Trisha replied, still staring at the pillow.
"Do you suppose this is just Mark or a general trait of all males?"
Trisha laughed softly and Jennifer guessed that she wasn't *too* put out
with her brother.
"So, how do you feel?"
Trisha thru her head back and purred. "Ohhhhh…..wonderful….
happy….loved…" she paused, looking down at her matted pubic hair
"…a little sore." She grinned. "After you zonked off we, uh, did it
again. A couple of times — kinda wore each other out." Trisha's voice
trailed into silence, her thoughts a million miles away.
"Any regrets?" Jennifer asked.
"No." Trisha shook her head "You?"
"Are you and Mark ever gonna, you know, make it with each other?"
"No." That answer was final. For a long while Trisha was silent.
"C'mon," she sighed at last "lets get cleaned up."
For a final time they showered together then dressed and headed
down the hall to the kitchen. Mark was munching his way thru a bowl of
cereal; he stopped eating long enough to exchange a shy smile with his
sister. For Trisha it was rather awkward and she refused to join them
for breakfast, saying she had to be getting home. When Mark finished he
grabbed his bike helmet and back pack and disappeared, leaving Jennifer
to wander around the now silent house.
Trisha's leaving was finally beginning to sink in and Jennifer spent
most of the morning sitting quietly on the living room couch thinking,
recalling and remembering: Scenes from the night before. Their very
first sleepover. That crazy afternoon when she walked in on Trisha.
Laying in Trisha's arms one morning as the grey light of dawn came thru
the bedroom window; exhausted yet exhilarated after a night of non-stop
lovemaking. The first time they met. The images cascaded together in
sweet, hazy impressions of love and sex and she vowed that whatever
happened, she would not forget.
It was mid afternoon before Mark arrived back home. He marched in
the front door, hot and sweaty, the bike helmet dangling in one hand,
and from his look of exhaustion Jennifer knew he had been doing some hard
"Where ya been?" Jennifer asked.
"Out and around" was his only reply. He flopped on the couch and
draped one arm around his sister's shoulder. Jennifer leaned her head
on Mark's and that's how their dad found them an hour later: triangled
together, dozing.
"Hey you two" he said with a bemused smile, shaking them awake
"Trisha would like to say goodbye to you both before she leaves."
Mark and Jennifer stumbled outside, eyes blinking in the bright
afternoon sun, and crossed the yard to Trisha's house. Trisha stood in
the driveway, casually leaning against her parents car, arms folded.
Trisha's dad was busy throwing suitcases into the trunk and urging Trisha
to hurry up while Trisha's mom sat silently in the drivers seat, her
face a mask of non-emotion. Trisha slowly unfolded her arms and stepped
The two girls stood face to face, as close as they could without
touching. Later there would be tears, Jennifer was sure of that, but
for now her emotions were spent. She suspected that it was the same for
Trisha; for the first time that week she looked calm and at peace with
herself. "It's strange" Jennifer thought "I do my crying after she
leaves, Trisha does her's before…." and then she noticed Trisha's
face. She was grinning, her eyes full of little girl naughtiness.
"You wanna shock the hell out of my mom?" Trisha asked. Her voice
was casual but the wicked little grin remained.
It took Jennifer a moment, but she figured it out. Returning
Trisha's smile with an even bigger one she raised her head and opened
her mouth. She stood waiting — eyes closed, face turned to the warm
afternoon sun — and then Trisha's lips were on hers. The kiss wasn't
held long and Trisha didn't try and swap tongues as she was so wont to
do but, for Jennifer anyway, it was perfect — and the muted choking
sound from Trisha's mom made it even more so.
Trisha turned to Mark and for a few seconds they exchanged small,
knowing smiles.
"You take good care of your sis, understand?" she said "And
yourself to, OK?" Trisha paused, then mouthed a silent "Thank you,
"Your welcome" Mark replied then, looking at his sister, raised his arm.
Palm extended. Fingers apart.
No words were spoken. Jennifer nodded yes and Trisha, very
carefully, interlaced fingers with Mark. They held, then broke. Trisha
turned and walked back to the car, opened the door and climbed in.
Almost before her bottom hit the seat Mrs. Collins gunned the car down
the driveway. Jennifer, squinting against the late afternoon glare,
watched silently as the car rolled down the street then, with a glint of
sunlight off the back window, it turned the corner and was gone.

—- Epilog —–

Jennifer was right, she cried: buckets of tears into her brothers
arms that evening, then two nights later at the dinner table she started
weeping and couldn't stop. It was embarrassing and painful, but it was
the release she needed. She curled up on the couch and bawled, and when
no more tears came she slept. Later that evening, much calmer now after
her catharsis, she sat with her father and they talked. Words replaced
tears as Jennifer explained to him how she had fallen deeply in love
with her best friend — hinting where she could at how sexual their
relationship really was. He nodded and smiled when appropriate, but
mostly he just listened. He never questioned that his daughter was
genuinely in love, and when he finally got around to asking the
inevitable Jennifer was as honest with him as she could be.
"You wanna know if I'm, like, a lesbian, right?"
"Yes, I have been wondering."
"Well, I'm not sure. How's that?" Jennifer smiled weakly.
"Uh — not sure?" He sounded dubious.
"Yes." Jennifer replied "Look dad, it's just not that simple for
me. I'm still turned on by guys — okay — and I wanna, you know, have
sex with a guy. Someday. But for right now I'm in love with Trisha. I
don't know why — I just am." She paused, thinking. "Maybe I'm….what's
the word…"
"Bisexual?" her dad offered.
"Yeah, bisexual."
"Whatever." He sighed deeply, shaking his head. "This is going to
take a bit of getting use to. You know, I have — or rather had — a
lecture for you on the evils of sex. I, uh, guess it's a little late
for that." He grinned, teasing her and Jennifer smiled back.
"Seriously," he continued "If you are sexually active now we really do
need to have a talk — both you and Mark. He's not a kid anymore."
"Yes, darling."
"Don't worry to much. I'll be OK."
Jennifer and her dad stayed up to watch the 11 o'clock news, then
with a promise to continue their discussion tomorrow she headed down the
hall to her room. She stopped by Mark's room to say goodnight but he
was fast asleep, laying fully dressed on top of the bed. "What the
heck" she shrugged, then walked over and kissed him on the cheek.
"Goodnight" she whispered softly.
"Trish.." Mark mumbled.
Jennifer sadly smiled. "Things are tough all over" she thought.
Climbing onto the bed she caressed the side of his face until he relaxed
then, curling up next to her brother, Jennifer drifted off to sleep.

I'd like to thank my wife; both for her understanding and
patience with me while I spent many a long night at the keyboard – and
also for her considerable editorial help ("Steve, that sentence is so
long I can't finish it in one breath — rewrite it!") Thank you darling.
Until next time…..

Regards, S.P.