True Sex Gay Story – My Roommate and I

I started University last and this is a story about what happened/happens with my roommate.

Before I start the story, a little backstory. My university makes us live on campus for the first year and for the first semester you’re in a suite with 3 rooms and 3 guys per room (9 guys in total). I decided to go early so I get my choice of beds, for the first night it was just me and then one of my roommates came so it was just us for that weekend. One night I got super wasted and fell asleep and woke up to knocking on the door, I assumed it was just the other roommate who was here already so I started to yell at him to come in. After a while I heard an unfamiliar voice asking if I could come out. I looked like an absolute mess because I went to a paint party the night before but I got out of bed and opened my door. There I saw literally one of the hottest guys I’ve seen in a while he introduced himself and asked which one of the rooms was his, I apologized for yelling at him and showed him his room. We didn’t really talk that much that week as more guys started to come in but I definitely got a “gay vibe” from him, however I would hear his discuss how hot girls were and whatever.

True Sex Gay Story - My Roommate and I

The Friday before school actually started we all went out, he doesn’t really drink so he went back to the dorms early. I got drunk again and proceeded to text him – basically saying I know he’s gay and it’s okay I’m here for him (without saying those actual words). The next day he came up to me saying that it was such a weird message and maybe we should not talk to each other for a while, I know I had fucked up then but I just agreed with it. About a week went by and we decided to start back talking and we realized we’re really alike personality wise. One day we were watching a movie on my bed and I joked that he had a small dick (not knowing what his dick looked like). He said he didn’t and I proceed to say there’s no way of me actually knowing that. To my surprise he suggested we measure our dicks in our rooms and come back and say the size, I agreed and he went into his room to measure it. He came back and we told each other our sizes and he said he didn’t believe me, I said there’s no way of him knowing if I’m lying or not. We then decided to measure them in front of each other and saw that we are the same size. It was getting late so he went back into his room until I got a message from him saying that he’s hard now, I said I was too and we decided to talk about porn etc. He told me he wasn’t gay but sometimes he gets so horny he looks at two guys fucking one girl and he thinks Justin Bieber is really hot. I agreed with him and he asked me if I thought it was gay that two guys jerked off together. I, knowing exactly where this could possibly go, said no that it’s a chill thing for two guy friends to do. He then told me to come over to his room (his roommate was in the kitchen) and we can jerk off to porn. So I go in and we start jerking off to porn and we hear his roommate trying to get into the door so we stop quickly and go back to our rooms. I get a message after from him saying that it felt so weird and we should never talk about it again.

The next day I decided to go in his room and try to make him feel better, he told me that he felt weird about it but it’s a normal thing so the only way he probably won’t feel weird is if we do it again so it becomes more normal. We stood up and jerked off over his trash can and came at the same time, some of his cum ever landed on my dick. We went back to our rooms because we had class that day. Over the next week or so we kept messaging each other whenever we were jerking off and one time he really wanted to but his roommate was in the room, so he suggested we go for a walk. Our school is by a beach so we walked over to a dock, by this time it’s around 2 am and no one is outside. We start to talk and I know that he is a virgin and has never done anything with anyone. I tell him how good a blowjob feels and he says he wishes he could get one, I didn’t know what this meant so I told him I couldn’t help him and laughed it off. We jerked off on the door into the ocean and went back to the dorm. Like I said we have three rooms in the dorm and also a kitchen. We sit in the kitchen and do some work next to each other and then he told me he’s horny again and if I want to touch him. I said sure and he rubbed his dick on me and told me to grab his ass (I told him previously that I love bubble butts and he had the most amazing one). The sun is rising now and we know people would be waking up so that’s all we did that night.

The next day I get a message from him saying he really wants a blow job, I told him again that I can’t help but I wish I could. He told me that he wouldn’t think its gay and that it’s just “two bros helping each other out”. I agreed to it but we didn’t have a place to do it. We walked around campus and went to this secluded balcony-esque place. I sucked him off there for the first time and swallowed his load. After that I got a message that it felt so good but we shouldn’t do it again, nevertheless we did it again. We started to do it there frequently and also sometimes in our rooms. One time we were doing it we almost got caught, he was on one of my roommates who was away for the weekend’s bed and I heard my other roommate coming in so I had to jump off the bed. After my roommate left, we cummed on the mattress of my away roommate. Another time we did it in the bathroom while my roommate was sleeping outside. We made out a few times but didn’t really do it a lot. One time he asked me to finger him but he was so tight he didn’t like it.

After winter break we moved into another dorm with single rooms so it was easier to do it, however he had more work so it was less frequent. But when it did happen it was amazing, sometimes I would even hear him whisper I love you. He still maintains that he’s straight and is just doing this to get off and that’s my story too. When we start back school in August we won’t be in the same building anymore so I’m curious to see what happens next.

If you guys have any questions I’d love to answer them/tell you more – I get so horny thinking about him!