Tyler and Caleb’s National Forest Encounter – Attractive Sex Gay Stories

I went over and picked up Caleb one Saturday morning, on what was gonna turn out to be the craziest day of our lives. We’re kinda two country boys in the city. We’re best buds, growing up together. Well, it was country when we were kids, but the city kind of grew out. I just got my new truck, and we’re gonna take it out into the national forest for some fun and hell-raisin’, away from the city.

Tyler and Caleb's National Forest Encounter - Attractive Sex Gay Stories

“I heard of a place where there’s a spring out there,” Caleb said across breakfast at the Country Inn. “Hardly nobody knows about it, and maybe we can skinny dip!”

“Cool!” I knew the place because I went there once as a kid with my family.

Just then Caleb’s cell rang. From the way he was talking, I knew it was his girl. I picked up bits and pieces about some dance somewhere. His girl and my girl are real tight, and before I knew it, Caleb handed me the phone.

“Hey, Tyler! There’s this line dancing they’re having tonight at Deliverance Second Baptist Church.” Yeah, it was my girl. “We want you boys to come along with us.”

“I’m not sure, baby. Me and Caleb’s going into the National Forest. It’s gonna be late by the time we get back tonight, and we’ll be beat.”

But no use arguing, our girls had it set, and they’ll put us in the doghouse for months if we don’t do something they say.

“Tyler, I don’t wanna go to that stupid church dance,” Caleb said, after we hung up the phone. “They’ll just serve cookies and nonalcoholic punch.”

“My Daddy told me that in his day, that church said you were going to hell for dancing! And you know what else that means? Being in church is gonna make the girls feel like they wanna be good, so no pussy tonight!”

Our breakfasts came out. “Steak and eggs,” the waitress said, as she put the plate in front of me, “and ham and eggs,” as she placed Caleb’s plate in front of him. “And of course, the Country Inn famous big biscuits and gravy, and cheese grits for two big growing boys!”

To give you an idea of how big the biscuits and gravy was, they came on separate full-sized plates. And why do women talk like that about us being growing boys, even though neither of us have grown one lick since high school?

“More coffee?”


Our breakfasts filled up our bellies real good, and both me and Caleb had to take a shit, and we went into adjacent stalls.

“Tyler, why is there a hole in the wall?” Yep, Caleb can be that clueless.

“That’s there so faggots use them to stick their dicks through and suck each other!” came a stranger’s voice from inside the restroom.

“That’s sick!’

I told him, “That’s a glory hole, Caleb. Don’t embarrass yourself!”

“Tell the restaurant so they can close it up!” came the stranger’s reply. “We don’t need no sick perverts around here.”

We got on the road. It sure felt good to drive deep in the country on the two-lane, nothing but miles and miles of woods around us. No crowds, no people, no strangers disgusted over glory holes, no girls hassling us about dances that are no fun.

“Soon the cell signal’s gonna drop out, if it hasn’t already.”

Caleb confirmed, “My phone says no signal. Tyler, I think we’re free!”

Some time later Caleb pointed. “Turn down this road.”

“You sure?”

“Pretty sure.”

Coming out of Caleb’s mouth, I’ve learned that “pretty sure” means I’m not so sure. The road got narrower.

“Are you sure this is the right road to the springs? We haven’t passed another car in over five miles!”

“I think so, Tyler!”

Soon the pavement turned to gravel, and finally to a dirt track. Yeah, we’re lost. But that’s half the fun of being out with your best bud. You just take whatever life throws at you, and we always seem to come out OK, no matter what.

I stopped the truck and we got out. A light breeze whispered through the pines above us.

“You hear that, Caleb?”

“What? I don’t hear nothin’.”

“Exactly! You don’t hear the roar of city traffic out here!”

“Let’s take some selfies of us out here, Tyler.”

“That sounds kind of boring.”

“Yeah, I know! Let’s take a picture of our asses, and send it to our girlfriends!”

“Cool! We’ll send it out when we get back in range of the signal!”

Caleb set his phone on the selfie stick behind us, and we dropped our pants and mooned for the pics.

“Hey, let’s take one more!”

We were just two country boys out in the country, having fun. We had no clue that our lives were about to change forever.

“Stay right where you are!”

I heard the gruff voice behind us as the barrel of a rifle came into view.