Uhs! (Wizard of Oz)

I work at a club, who gives a fuck? I drink, I fuck, I strip. You know what? Even my dog eats my out. His name is ToTo. I know! So cute. Anyways, my name is Dorothy, I strip and Kan's Ass club. Today was windy, like really. I look out the window and see a swirling mound of wind. Oh wait. That's a guys dick head towards my face. I suck on it like a lollipop. I close my eyes.

"Where the fuck are we ToTo?" I say entering and garden. I see a flying dildo come towards me.
"Hey, I Gildo." It smiles.
"Who the fuck are you?"
"I am a sex toy for girls, also a magical wand."
"You sure don't look like one, a wand that is."
"Well, I'm a shape shifter, the evil lady is a witch, and the person you just killed is a-"
"Wtf?!? I killed some bitch?"
"Yes, she was a slut anyways, and used the rapists to slave for her.
"Oh, where are the rapists?"
"They are hiding, YO RAPERS COME ON OUT!" Gildo screams.
Men in black shit come out and start to hump me, thank god I'm much taller than them.
"GTF Off her!" She screams again and blows a rape whisle.
And little orange man comes out and says.
"Follow the yellow brick road."
"I don't see one."
"It's under your fucking nose!"
I look down.
"Oh, Kay." I say.
"Go to the Great And Powerful Uhs!" Gildo says.
"Follow that road to get there." The orange man says.

I see a girl hanging on a pole.
"Help!" She says.
"With what?" I say.
"I've been striping on this pole for hours, get me off." She says sweetly.
I untie her hands and she falls to the ground.
"Get TF up!" I say.
"Are u going to Uhs?" She asks.
"Can I come?"
"Why you need to go?"
"Because…" She blushes.
"Why?" I ask tapping my foot.
"Because I need o lose my virgity." She speed talks.
"Oh mah G gurllll it so good!" I say.

"I hear this forest has moaning trees." Stripper says.
I hear them, sound like me when I get fucked.
"Omg." I say.
I walk up to a tree.
"Do all the trees have dicks?" I ask.
"Yeah." She says.
I go for and apple when it stops me.
"Yo tree get your hand off me." I say.
"No, unless you give me a BJ." It cackles.
I put its dick in my mouth and suck on it till he cums. I take the apple and walk on with stripper.

I hear laughing in the trees.
I walk toward it to find a pedophile.
"Need, porn." He whispers.
I tap his shoulder and flash my boob at him. He stares at it then looks at me.
"Hello. What's your name, foxy." He says licking his lips.
"I'm Dorothy." I smile.
Stripper stand there quiet.
"She didn't lose her virginity and I'm looking for fun." I say.
"Are u going to Uhs?" He asks.
"Yeah." I say.
"Can I come to I can get so porn mags and a laptop to download porn since My laptop was smashed?"
He pinches my ass and we walk off.

"Cereal, another forest!" I say.
"Yep, I heard this one has Single, bisexual, and gays." Pedo says.
"Oh my!" Stripper says.
I hear a song come on.
"It's about rainbows… Must be a gay." I say.
A muscular man comes out and starts to kiss pedo. Pedo scrambles and pushes them away.
"Yo, Gay guy gtfo." I say.
"But, are you going to see Uhs?" He asks.
"Yes!" We scream.
"I want to be straight." "Alright."
Stripper, pedo, gay, and me + Toto skip off to a green castle.

We run thru fondlions (fondling danilions).
"Good night." I yawn.
"No!" Stripper says.
I feel a thing go into my ass, Gildo.
"Wake the fuck up." She says. I wake up and sprint to the gates.

We tug on a rope and a high pitched moan right thru are ears.
"Read the sign." The door says.
"What sign bitch?" I say.
It turns over and reads : bell to loud please suck. I suck on the dick and the for opens. We go over the the Slutahyahupa shop.
"Can you make my pubic hair less brown?" I ask.
"Uh-huh!" They giggle.

We enter the chambers then I hear high pitched moans all over then a voice who says: "What e fuck do you want?"
"To have fun." I say.
"To lose my virginity." Stripper says.
"To have porn mags and a porn laptop." Pedo says.
"To be St8." Gay says.
"Then hbt…" The voice booms.
"I fuck bad witch and you get what u want." It says.
We nod and walk off.

The witch grabs me and ties me to a chair.
"You will suffer." Her voice cracks.
"But Uhs wanna fuck u." I say.
"Well then, ima go now."
"Kay" she says going too Uhs castle.

"Stripper, come later."
"Pedo, check out Purno's it a great show in the city."
"Gay, spend a night with one of my maidens." Uhs says.
"WBM?" I say.
"Oh, yah, you had fun with out even knowing it." He chuckles.
"Oh keel." I say.
"Yah." Uhs says snickering.

Stripes got sex with Uhs.
Pedo had plenty of porn to look at.
Gay became Straight and had a happy family.
Witch had sex with Uhs.
Gildo fucked many things.
Dorothy had sex with Uhs and had fun.

Sorry if this offended any one.
Didn't mean to.

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