Vicky loved her Man and Wore her Moccasins.

Now I don’t know if it was the fact that Vicky missed me or that I was a spending weekday alone on the beach with all those babes. But I remember one Friday that I had finish up early. I was on the road and heading home by 1 PM. I arrived just after Vicky was getting home form work. I no sooner walk in the door, went she laid the hottest and wettest kiss on me that I had in a long time. She then told me that she was going to take a quick shower and that she would be right out. The hot kiss cot me off guard. But I didn’t think much of it. About 20 minutes later Vicky walks out of the bedroom. Vicky stood 5 feet 10 inches tall and weight about 115 lbs. She was a small-breasted woman. But her long blonde hair, blue eye’s and hourglass figurer made up for it. My eye’s just about popped out of my head went I looked at her. She was wearing a white peasant blouse, brown leather mine skirt, tan nylon’s and pair of brown Minnetonka knee high soft sole moccasins boots. She smiled at my reaction. But I knew that with the kids in the house. She was not about to slide in to the bedroom for a little afternoon delight. What was she up to? She smiled at me again and said. You look like you could use a cup of coffee. Let’s go for a ride to D.D. I thought to myself. Coffee hell, I want to see if you have panties under that leather skirt. I want to grab those soft sole moccasin boots and bury my face in them. I looked back and said, it’s sounded good to me.
. She then told the kids, that we were going out for a while and we headed to the car. I no sooner back the car out of the driveway. Went Vicky locked her door. She then reached down and started to brush away the dirt form the sole’s of her moccasins boot. Placing her back against the door, she planted those soft sole moccasins boots in my lap. A tent formed in my pants as my cock stiffing. She looked at me and said, I’m sure you know a quit place we can go. Living in the country, that was not a problem. I put one hand on the soft sole moccasin and kept one on the wheel. From way I sat. I could now see that she was not wearing panties. My cock got harder as I drove and stoke the soft sole moccasins boots. I knew a spot all right. An old logging road about 10 miles off the main highway. It was the longest drive of my life. I could feel my heart beat as my hard on press against my pants. With one hand on the wheel. I would run my other hand along her nylon glade thigh down along the moccasins boot to the soft sole of her foot. Vicky didn’t help ether. She had unbutton her blouse and started to play with her bear breasts. She had left the bra at home as well. From time to time she would twist her foot. Try to wiggle her soft sole moccasins between my legs. I think she wanted me to blow my load before we got there. She was driving me crazy.
Went we reached the end of the logging road. I barely had the car in park and shut off. Went she pulled the soft sole moccasins boots from my lap. Flipped around on her knees and sat back on the moccasins. She then leaned into me. Press her lips against mine and force her tong in my mouth. For a moment I thought she would lick her way down my throat. Her lips still press against mine. She reached down and pulled the leveler to my sit and laid me back, She then put both of her hands on my belt and started to unbuckle it. Like a wild cat she pawed at my pants to undo then. Our lips never losing contact. As she pull the zipper down I arched on the heels of my moccasins. Lifted up off the sit. She tugs and pulls my pants down. My stiff hard cock look like a center pole of a to with a stain of percum at the top in my underwear. Vicky then peeled my underwear back and pulled then down as well. As suddenly as she had started she stopped and pulled back. I thought this could not be it, no way. She reached for her pocketbook. Grab it and open it up. Pulling out a pair of deerskin soft sole low cut moccasins. Putting one on each hand, I knew that she was hell bent on pleasing me that day. Vicky took her left hand with the deerskin moccasin on it and places it in my face. With the deerskin moccasin on her right hand she place it between my legs and caressing my balls with it. I spread my legs to make it easier for her. This was a dream come true for me. I thought I was going to blow my load of cum right there and then. I had to use all my strength to hold it back. As Vicky caressed my face with the deerskin moccasin I could also feel the soft leather against my balls. The smell of leather was every ways in the car. I knew that I was not going to be able to stopped from shooting my cum off for long. As her hands with the deerskin moccasins on them were working my face and balls. She then lowers her head to the tip of my stiff cock. Vicky started by licking the cum that had pooled on the top of my hard cock. She then took her tong and started to circle the head, I could feel my stiff head on twitch as her tong teased it. My cock wanted more, I wanted more. Finally her lips wrapped around the head of my cock and she slowly easy it into her mouth. I could feel the tip of it hit the back of throat. Slowly she started to move her head up and down. I had reach up and took her hand in mine. So I could move the deerskin moccasin around my face the way I want it. With my other hand I reach out and felt her moccasins boots. The nylon, her ass and from time to time I would reach down to play with her nipples. Her nipples were rock hard. As much as I like playing with her nipples. What I really want that day was to feel the moccasins boots and nylons. Vicky started to move her head a little faster up and down on my throbbing cock. At some point she took the deerskin moccasin off her right hand and place it on my belly. I knew what to do with it. I put in on my hand and started to rub the soft leather against her rock hard nipples. As I did this, she wrapped her bear hand around my stiff throbbing dick. Lubricating it with my cum. Vicky was a great cocksucker. She really got into it and she was into this. Her head was now bobbing faster and faster. My cock was going deeper into her mouth. She was working me with her hand as well. My hips started to thrust my hard cock deeper in her mouth.
I could take it no longer. Like a volcano my load blew into her throat. She was a pro at sucking cock. Every waged that shoot out of my throbbing cock. She would swallow with out missing a beat. Exhausted and in a daze state thinking that I just had the best blowjob of my life. I lay there like a couch potato. Inhaling the smell of the leather from the soft sole deerskin moccasins still on her hand.
But Vicky didn’t stop. She kept licking and sucking at my now soft cock. I then looked down and said. What are you up to now? A look of a wild animal was in her eyes and a devilish smirk on her face as she replied. Your second hard on last longer. That’s the one I want. She then went back to work licking and sucking. It did not take long for my dick to rise to the occasion. It was beat red from the great blowjob it had just received. But it was as hard and long as a baseball bat. Vicky then gathers up the deerskin moccasin and said it was time to move to the back as she throws the moccasin to the back window. She then got out of the car. Open up the back door and sat down. Like she had done before. She ran her hand along the soft sole of her moccasin boots. To brush away the dirt from the walk to the back of the car. She knew that I didn’t like dirty soles in my face. Holding my pants up just enough so I would not trip. I fallowed her. She then laid back on the sit and planted her soft sole moccasin boots on the roof. Her beautiful pussy was exposed. It was wet, hot and glistened in the sunlight. I said, Boy does that look good enough to eat. She smiled and said, your not here for lunch. I need cock now. Just get in, grab my soft sole and have your way with me. There were times when Vicky was the close thing to a sex slave a man could have and this day was one of those days. Oh how I miss her. I dropped my pants to my angles and did just that. I took the soft sole into my hands. Spread her legs open and laid the tip of my hard cock on her wet pussy. As I felt the sole of the moccasins. She bent her knee down to her chest. So I could slide the length of hard cock along her gaping wet hot pussy. She moans with pleasure as I tease her for a while. I then place the tip of my rock hard cock at her gaping hole. As I leaned forward pulling the soft sloe moccasins boots to my face. I went deep inside her. With eyes closed, she gasps for air and curl her soles around my nose as I went deeper and deeper. I reach to the back window for the deerskin moccasins. Placing then on my hands. I started to rub her both her nipples again. Slowly I pulled back. Then pushing deeper into her. She was breathing heavier now. She than spoke. Ride me, please, ride me hard master. Please fuck me harder. NO!! You’re not where I want you to be. Was my reply? As I slowly moved in and out of her. She placed her hand on mine and helps me rub the deerskin moccasins around her breast. She almost had tear in her eyes. She want me to go faster and hard. But I could see too much moister on her lips. That told me that she was not ready to climax yet. Vicky was right. My second hard on always did last longer. She started to wiggle beneath me. Clinch her toes even harder and moved the soft sole moccasins around my face and nose. I squeezed her nipples between the soft sole of the deerskin moccasins. Again she begged. Harder, Please Fuck me, fuck me harder. It was my turn to drive her crazy. And I was going to enjoy doing it. It seem like an hour had gone by. As I slowly hump away on her. Vicky lips were becoming drier and drier. Her body was quivering. Tears had started to forum it was time I started to hump a little faster. Yes! Yes! Harder! Heard master. Please harder! I drove my thick cock has deep into her has I could go. Faster and faster I rode her. Her body quiver more now as she came to the first climax. I could feel her cum drooling down her ass as my ball slap against it. Louder she screened. YES! YES! Harder master. Fuck your moccasins slave harder. As her second climax came. She reached out to pull me in closer to her. But I grab her wrist and held them down. As I rammed her deeper and harder. One of the deerskin moccasins fell to her face. She managed to get it in her mouth. Vicky bit hard as she reached her third climax. At the same time I blew my load deep in side her. Exhausted I laid on top of her. Vicky wrapped the moccasins boots around me Put her arms around the back of my neck and pulled me in tight. We were a pile of human flesh.
Vicky and I had many a good day making love. But this day was in the top five to be remembered