Would you stay tonight?

Id had my first date with Lee just over 3 weeks ago and ever since we had been inseperable.Lee was 18 only 3 years older than i was.To me he seemed utterly perfect.One friday afternoon we were lay on my bed watching a movie.

'Steph, I know we've only been seein each other three weeks but i thought you could stay at mine tonight and i'll bring you back tomorrow afternoon'

He placed one strong arm around me and looked at me.

'If i do stay nothing will happen ok? im not ready yet' I responded quietly.

'Thats cool, so shall we get going?'

We got up and i hurridly told my dad where i was going before rushing out the door with Lee.He lived in a small house with his mom,dad and little sister.I had met his mom before and we got on wonderfully.

'I'm nipping upstairs for a shower you can stay here and talk to mom and we'll go watch tv in my room when im done'

Without waiting for a reply he bounded upstairs.Me and his mom sat chatting comfortably for about 15 minutes.Lee appeared at the doorway.My heart skipped a beat He had nothing on but a fluffy white towel wrapped around his slender waist, Water dripping off his toned stomach and shaggy brown hair tousled and wet from his shower. Thats when i knew even through all my protesting something was going to happen that night….

Carefully i stood up and followed him to his bedroom,It was a mess but i loved it. Slightly unsure of what to do i stood lamely in the middle of the room.

'Sit down' Lee laughed pointing at his bed. I smiled and arranged myself on his bed. He slipped on some track suit bottoms then came and sat next to me.

We argued for a few seconds over what to watch on tv,When it was settled, Lee lay back against his headboard pulling me gently with him. I rested my head on his shoulder and placed my hand on his chest. Just the pure scent of him and his firm body next to me was turning me on. Without really realising it i began to stroke his chest.

'That feels really nice but if nothings going to happen you'd better stop it' He said smiling at me.
I couldnt help but smile back.
We went back to watching the tv but after a few seconds lee began to speak.

'Why are you so nervous anyway? i noticed the look on your face when i mentioned stayin here'
I felt slightly embarassed but decided to tell the truth.

' i'm a virgin and well its not just that i hate my body' In my eyes i was chubby and wobberly. The only things i liked about myself were my chest and my eyes.

Lee sat up and undid my thick brown hair from its bobble ran his hands through it and pushed me into a lieing position.

'Well i think you've got a lovely neck …'

He demonstrated this by kissing it.

'and lovely boobs…'

He pulled down a tiny bit of my top and kissed those too. I couldnt help but giggle a little.

'and a lovely stomach..'

And so it continued all the way down to my toes.

He slid himself back up my body and propped himself up on one of his elbows then gently traced the outline of my face with the fingers on his free hand.

'I dont know what your worried about i think your beautiful, Please let me make love to you i promise i'll be gentle' He whispered ever so softly into my ear.

I bit my lip for a moment and then slowly nodded.

Lee moved his lips to mine and his free hand behind my neck. He began lightly kissing me his tongue occasionally slipping into my mouth and then retreating only to return again a second or so later. Our kissing became more passionate and I bacame more aroused.
I wrapped my arms around him, Gently scrapping my nails down his back.He moaned slightly into my mouth.Our legs became entangled.

His free hand wound its way down my front to the bottom of my top,It crept up my stomach until he was carefully massarging my breasts through my bra. I was so turned on my nipples were poking into the palm of his hand. I could feel the bulge in his tracksuit bottoms growing. I gyrated my hips against him. Wanton lust was taking over my mind.

He stopped and pulled away from me.My hands grabbed at him not wanting the feeling of him next to me to end. Putting his hands on my neck he slipped them down my shoulders,over my breasts,Down my stomach and to the bottom of my top. He grasped it, I slightly lifted my torso. He slowly dragged my top up over my ribs and my arms.Making me shiver with anticipation. I was lost in wild thoughts when i felt his finger tips on the button of my jeans, taking his time he unbuttoned them and opened the zipper and repeated the same slow dragging motion with my jeans as he had with my top.Leaving me in just my bra and panties.

He lay forward ontop of me his skin making contact with mine, Making me feel as if my whole body was on fire.Brushing his lips against my neck I shuddered. I softly began to bite at his shoulder.

Lee had been loving and gentle it was time to give him a little pre-reward.If there was one thing i knew how to do it was suck cock….

Taking control of the situation i pulled my left leg up and used it as leaverage to roll us both over until i was ontop of him. i kissed and nibbled my way down his body until my lips met the top of his trackies.I tugged at them and Getting the message he lifted up his bum and allowed me to slip them down his legs and off.

His thick hard prick was sticking straight up in the air waiting for attention, I gently grasped it with my hand and began an up and down motion on his shaft. I twirled my tongue around his head causing him to groan with pleasure. After a few seconds of this i popped just his head into my mouth and began a light sucking motion with my cheeks still continuing with the hand motions on his shaft. He jerked his hips up at me.In one smooth motion i took most of his prick into my hot wet mouth.

'Ooh god!' Lee moaned in delight.

I cupped his balls in my hand and sucked his prick like there was no tomorrow.Sucking slow and steady at first but as his breath quickened so did my sucking. Soon he was panting hard.

'Steph! Oh steph that feels amazing but stop for now i have other ideas…'

A little surprised i stopped and rolled over. Immediately he kissed me hard and passionately.For the first time i felt his fingers on the fabric of panties.

'Your so wet!' he murmered through our kiss obviously a little shocked.

'Mmmm' was all i could manage.

His fingers found their way under the elastic of my panties he slid one finger up and down my sopping wet pussy. Now it was my turn to groan…

He slipped his index finger into me wiggling it around. I bucked my hips at him in pleasure. His thumb rubbed my enlarged clit causing me to sqeal ever so quietly.

He pulled away from our kissing once again, He continued fingerin me with his right hand and pulled down my bra straps with his left pulling my bra past my breasts.
Lee sucked my hard nipple into his mouth sucking and biting on it gently.My hands shot upto his hair running my fingers through it. Between his tit sucking and finger fucking i was in ecstasy. His finger fucking became more agressive. My hips bucked at his hand urgently. Both of us were groaning. Suddenly he whipped his hand out from under my panties and tore them from me.

'No' i whispered breathlessly as my pleasure had stopped.

I felt his engorged cock head at my dripping wet tunnel.

'Ready?' he panted.

All i could manage was a feeble nod.

Holding his straining prick in one hand he slowly popped the head into my entrance. I ran my hands down his back grabbed his bum and shoved. I felt a second of pain as my innocene was ripped apart.Lee lay supporting himself above me for a minute or two.
He gently began to move himself inside me and i realised it has stopped hurting my deep lust was back in its place.

'Fuck me Lee i need it i want it!' i gasped. wrapping my legs around his waist.

That was all he needed to hear. He began pounding his hot swollen lovemeat into me. Fucking me like there was no tomorrow. He was gruntting and groaning.

'Oh god yes Oh Lee harder! faster!'

I could feel his balls slapping against my bum his cock driving deep into my wet wanting pussy! Harder and harder!

Without warning he stopped and pulled out.Lee rolled me over and pulled my hips up until i was on all fours. He pushed himself deep inside me i cried out in pain but i was soon rocking backwards and forwards in utter pleasure.
His one hand found my clit and began rubbing it.

'Ooooh oooh ooooh LEE!'

He fucked me like a wild man.Suddenly i felt him slow and the finger on my clit became more frantic. Short strangled grunts escaped his lips and i felt his dick Spasm inside me spurt after spurt of thick creamy cum hitting my insides.It sent me over the edge causing me to have the biggest orgasm i had ever felt. I didnt make a single sound as my pussy clamped around him milking him for all he was worth.

When we were done we fell happily onto the bed.
He pulled me close.

'You didnt hurt me thank you' I whispered.
He kissed the back of my head and we fell asleep.